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I am sure that unless you have been living under a rock or are not from the IM world then you may not have heard of iWriter. iWriter is a fantastic idea, iWriter is a site where you can go to get content written for you and if you buy a lot of content and on iWriter its super cheap, around 2.50$ for a 400 word article.

Now as a writer who decides to join iWriter to write for clients then after you have written a certain amount of content then your ranking goes up which means that you can start making 10$ for a 500 word article. iWriter is a great place to make your first money if you are able to write quite quick.

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iWriter is also a great place if you are looking for content to be written for you. You submit what you want to be written with your specific details and then a writer will decide to take up the project and they have a certain amount of time to finish it and if you not happy with it then you can simply press refuse. This feature on iWriter has its benefits for the person who is getting content written but not so much for the writer though a new feature is that you can ask for revisions to be done!

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If you can write well and are a native speaker then with iWriter, if you write for 4 hours a day and build yourself up to a 5 star writer it can actually start to bring you in quite decent money and you will for sure have the same customers coming back to you for more, with iWriter they can just mark you as a their favourite writers so every time they come back they will offer you their project first. Take it from someone who used to own over 150 niche sites…you will always make good money for well written content! iWriter works well for both the writer and client!



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