Jaguar Jackpots Review

Jaguar Jackpots Review


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  • Missing out on my traffic system bonus you will REALLY Regret! Set it up once and it will bring traffic forever. LIMITED to the first 25 people!

Jaguar Jackpots Review – A huge amount of products that you can sell or just put into action!


Hello Readers, It has been a while but I am back today with a Jaguar Jackpots Review.

The reason that I decided to review (though honestly Jaguar Jackpots is not really possible to review unless you have at least 12 days) but I did want to add this to my set of products to my site.

The guy behind this product is called Dawud Islam and his story is one of rags to riches, success through coaching and taking action.

12 Months ago Dawud joined a high ticket coaching about launching products and about affiliate marketing.

Jaguar Jackpots Review

Jaguar Jackpots Review


He started and totally immersed himself in his training and took massive action.

Every Month for the last 12 he has sent me review copies but I either just did not have the time or over looked his PMs.

I actually liked the products that he created.

Now I am actually glad that I did not bother to review any of them, no offence to Dawud and his Jaguar Jackpots but I saw this coming because his coaches did something very similar at Christmas time.

Jaguar Jackpots Review

Jaguar Jackpots Review


What they did was offer all off the products that they had launched over the last 12 Months and called it the Xmas Special Package.

So rather than reviewing all of Dawuds 12 launches you can now buy them ALL for the price of 1 with Jaguar Jackpots.

Included in the main product(s) you also get rights and instant approval to promote them with 100% commission across all of the entire funnels.

This is perfect if you are starting a review website or YouTube channel as you can review them individually and when they sell you get to keep all of the profits.

Also as one of my main bonuses I am going to share a method that I use to collect every buyer email as an affiliate which I have never seen anyone else teach so that you can build your buyers list as an affiliate.

I am also including 1 bonus that I made very recently and has only been seen by a few customers and friends, it is life changing information!

I have lots of very useful bonuses for Jaguar Jackpots such as 20 videos on how to upload your own products to Warrior Plus and how to use that big platform to get traffic and totally understand how to use it.

Getting full resell rights to Jaguar Jackpots means that you get to upload these products in your name and as they are all evergreen you could make some serious sales.

Actually just off the top of my head, you could upload these to Jvzoo or Clickbank as your own products where they have never been sold before, so new traffic and fresh eyes.

Jaguar Jackpots Review

Jaguar Jackpots Review


What I am about to mention can be seen on the sales page but I will just mention a few of the things that these 12 products in Jaguar Jackpots cover.

Dawud has named all of his products after animals which has worked for him, not what I would do but it seems to have worked well for him.

So within Jaguar Jackpots you will get products that you can sell or learn from, and learn things such as…

Jaguar Jackpots Review

Jaguar Jackpots Review


How to make money by giving away free stuff!

Using PODs to build a business! (something that I am starting now after speaking to my good friend Ike Paz who is an expert in POD…Print on Demand. His product Printly is one that I have been going through….and I will give it to you as an extra bonus)

Setting up Monthly recurring income!

List building on a huge scale!

Learn about email marketing!

Ten different traffic methods!

Product launching!

An A to Z of Online Marketing!

How Dawud runs his business! (This was 1 that I was going to review on my site as I really enjoyed it but just had no time)

Getting other people to build you viral lists!

Membership sites and list building! (something I am currently working on, the membership site part)

Different quick cash methods!

So as you can see from above Jaguar Jackpots has a ton of value plus inside of the members area where you can access all of your new products Dawud explains his recommended traffic idea.

As well as everything that Dawud is giving away I will be giving away my own bonuses that will not just be random stuff that looks good but is of no value.

All of my bonuses will be about how to get the most from Jaguar Jackpots.

A few OTOs below.


OTO 1 is Jaguar Jackpots PRO Version!

OTO 2 is Steal My Traffic!

OTO 3 is Reseller Rights

OTO 4 is Mega Traffic Package!




Now giving away bonuses is always hard.

Some people will give you a list of 100 plus software’s and tools and training which looks great but most of it is useless to the product that you bought and with 1 Dollar you could go to the same PLR site as them and get even more.

Some marketers (like me) give less bonuses but ones that will compliment and help with the product that you buy.

My top secret traffic bonus is close to being taken down…I did say limited spots…

So that is what I have put together in the bonus page that you will go to when you click below!






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