JVZoo Academy Review

JVZoo Academy Review


Ease of Use




Value For Money



  • The first ever training good enough to be endorsed by Jvzoo!
  • The forum is great!
  • The training is professional, realistic and solid!


  • OTO 1 should maybe have been part of the main course as it has huge value!

JVZoo Academy Review

I was just about to buy JVZoo Academy when I spoke to Sam Bakker and got JVZoo Academy Review access. Now if I had not been offered a JVZoo Academy Review copy I would have been more than happy to pay.

Now what made me want to buy JVZoo Academy? Well JVZoo is fast becoming the biggest and best affiliate network and JVZoo Academy is THE FIRST PRODUCT THAT IS ACTUALLY ENDORSED BY JVZOO!

Now if JVZoo say that a product is so good that they will support it and put their name to it then I just had to see it and I am glad to say that getting review access of JVZoo Academy was very interesting.

JVZoo Academy Review

JVZoo Academy Review


Just to give you an idea of what JVZoo Academy is about, we just have to look at the actual company which has created more Millionaire marketers than anyone else.

There are 2 ways to get rich on JVZoo and both are taught in serious detail in JVZoo Academy!

Now full disclosure here, when I got my review access I got the main product and the OTO 1 which I didn’t know until after going through the full course.

I will say that I do completely recommend picking up the OTO 1 of JVZoo Academy if you can but even if you can only afford the main course of JVZoo Academy I think that you will be very happy with what you get.


JVZoo Academy is more than just a course it really is an online marketing academy as inside the members area there is an actual forum (think Warrior Forum but without the idiots).

JVZoo Academy also has interviews with some of the biggest success stories from Jvzoo and how they went from zero to Millionaire in a very short time.

Now as we all know the main parts of being in JVZoo are creating products and selling products as an affiliate so you can expect to become an expert on both in a very professional environment where you can chat to other members in the forum!

If I had bought JVZoo Academy I would have been happy with my purchase as there was a lot of things that I needed to brush up on and a lot of things that I learned for the first time!

JVZoo Academy is perfect for anyone of any level though there are a lot of very detailed videos that show you how to set up the basic tools that you will need.

My overall JVZoo Academy Review is that you would like to get a real Internet Marketing education from the biggest guys in the business then JVZoo Academy ticks all the boxes and you will be learning in a very fun but serious environment. The people who will become a part of JVZoo Academy will be the big names in the industry!!!



OTO 1 of JVZoo Academy is a lot of extra detailed training. Over 100 videos with a follow along system so that you can mark them off as you complete them so you remember where you are in your JVZoo Academy business!





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