Kartel Review – No Theory Here!

Kartel Review – The Latest Product From Jono Armstrong and Brendan Mace.


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Hello Readers and Future Super Affiliates, Welcome to my Kartel Review which is brought to us by the guys above who release a new method every Month.

I have never said this before IN ANY Review but I think that it is really worth having a read over this post, yes its a review but a very different kind.

I am writing this before even looking at the Kartel sales page as I always prefer to review the actual product and not the sales page.

Kartel Review

Kartel Review


Before I get on with my review I am going to be completely honest and tell you that I am learning and using Google ads and YouTube ads as a major part of my business but did not quite get it right until watching and following this training.

In my video review I will show you my own accounts, as far as I can tell, you can have as many Google / YouTube ads accounts as you want.

This is useful because the first account that I was using was created in Czech Republic so the costs per click etc were in that currency and I have not lived there in over 9 years.

So I was having to constantly change from Czech Crowns to USD which was a serious pain, I almost gave up!

Kartel Review

Kartel Review – Training area!


So if you would rather work in USD even if you are not in the US then make sure when setting up your account that you choose Dollars as your main currency, or whichever currency you prefer as Google ads does not let you change the currency AFTER creating your account.

If you don’t know what an affiliate leaderboard is then I will quickly explain as I need you to understand the power of paid traffic and that is what Kartel is ultimately teaching you.

An affiliate contest is designed by product vendors to get affiliates to promote their product.

Some of the big launches have as much as 50k prize money or a brand new car to the top affiliates, of course the smaller launches have less, but you can still win prizes for making a lot of sales.

That may seem crazy but some big launches do over a Million Dollars in sales so 50k is nothing really as long as it attracts the super affiliates.

Kartel Review

Kartel Review – The Software!


So you are getting prize money for making money as an affiliate.

Last year I won or came second or third in quite a few contests and won some decent money, there are prizes for second and third and sometimes fourth as well.

This year I have won nothing because I have not launched anything this year so don’t have fresh leads and that is the beauty of paid traffic, you can make the same amount of sales or lots more than the affiliates with huge lists.

I am waiting for a contest to be announced as I was Third in the main contest and Third in a weekend contest

You are probably asking why am I telling you this?

The reason that I am telling you this is because to make that many sales and to be at the top of this particular leader board I have been using the same method that is taught in Kartel.

Actually just have a look below so that you know that I am not lying or exaggerating! This is all from the Kartel method and from using paid ads…

Kartel Review

Kartel Review


Right, so now you know why I showed you and explained about affiliate contests, as that is what Kartel is teaching…

Kartel is a combination of Aurora and Eclipse.

I used Aurora and got some good results but the software’s, both the Instagram and Pinterest one did take a bit of time to set up and you had to buy proxies and churn and burn accounts to use Aurora.

With Aurora though you were able to promote high ticket Webinars with huge commissions of over 1k a sale.

Eclipse was about using YouTube In steam ads to target big marketers who already had a very active channel but that took time to research.

Kartel is a kind of combination of both of the products above!

Let me explain!

The idea and method of promoting high ticket Webinars is a great idea!

The power of using YouTube ads is brilliant!

Now with Kartel you are able to do both…the basic training inside of the members area is about using Google or YouTube ads to promote high ticket Webinars though you can also promote any affiliate offer as I am doing.

The Kartel members area has 9 detailed and very easy to follow training videos with a beginner and advanced method as well as access to the software, which is a crazy time save saver!

This brilliant little tool / software that finds and searches for you all of the top YouTube channels and videos to add so that you can target them to lay your ads over.

Does the idea of paid ads scare you?

Well it did me, at first, until I realized the massive power of them and being able to get very cheap targeted clicks.

As Kartel teaches you there are many different kinds of Google ads but the YouTube In stream ads are by far the cheapest because someone needs to watch the ad for more than 30 seconds before you have to pay for a click.

A click with In stream ads is never more than 50 Cents and you can get it down to way less (I was paying 0.20c for the product that I showed above), which again Kartel teaches you.

You can also buy 100 Dollars or more ad spend for 10 Dollars from a site that I never knew about until watching Kartel.

So in my overall Kartel Review I am going to have say that this is the perfect training and software for those who will take action and the earning potential is as big as you want to take it.

I know that Jono and Brendan do release a new product every Month and there is a lot of hype around them but I can now honestly say that if it was not for their training on YouTube and Google ads in Kartel I would be making a LOT less than I was before putting their methods into action.

Now I just start to scale and remember that you are also able to build big lists and also big retargeting lists inside of the Google Platform.

Before listing my bonuses I will quickly list their OTO’s or Upsells.


OTO 1 is called Kartel PRO!


OTO 2 is 360 days of Done For You Bonus pages, campaigns, emails and a LOT more!


OTO 3 of Kartel is called “Steal our 3.8 Million List”!


OTO 4 of Kartel is called “Our 1k Commission System” This is basically a Done for you solution to use their video ads and targeting and their own high ticket system!






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