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Find out in my Latitude Review what an NFT is and how you can profit from it!


Welcome Readers to my Latitude review which is a new digital marketing training product with free software that will show you into the World of NFT’s…not only that but this training is created by a 12 year old.

Yes, that is right, Latitude the training and software is put together by a 12 year old kid called William.

Before I go on to talk about the training and what you will learn lets clear up what NFT means and stands for.

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NFT is an acronym for “Non-Fungible Tokens”!

That probably does not help you understand much better so lets dive into Latitude and NFT’s.

An NFT is a digital asset that represents real life things such as Music, Art, a drawing, a picture or even a video.

While 1 Dollar will always be equal to 1 dollar or 1 Bitcoin will always be equal to 1 Bitcoin an NFT is created to be worth the cost of that one NFT and there will never be 1 like it.

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A recent example of a sale of an NFT was the owner of Twitter who sold his first ever Tweet for 2.9 Million Dollars.

Essentially NFTs are digital collectors items of real World things.

After going through Latitude I went and did my own research on NFT’s as I could not believe the money that was being made from things like a simple kids picture or painting.

One case that is not mentioned in Latitude made me laugh a lot. Someone bought the NFT of a cat GIF which sold for 600K.

So anyway back to Latitude.

What you will learn from his training which he put together himself but was brought to market by Jono Armstrong and Ashley Parry.

The young creator William (12 years old) has been able to make over 5 figures from NFT’s so far and explains the process in simple terms from how to get set up, how to create a collection, adding items, traffic sources and a lot more.

If you didn’t know what NFT’s were before reading this post I would not blame you as I had no idea really what they were either.

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Like many people I thought that they were a form of Crypto Coins but they are far from that though in order to start selling NFT’s Latitude explains that using Ethereum is one of the best ways to get paid.

Everything that you would need to know about setting up your online wallet is explained in Latitude.

When I review a product I always think to myself is this something that I know works or is backed up with real proof that you can make an income stream or business out of it.

Well I can say that in my final Latitude review that after going through the training and researching NFT for myself that this can be seriously lucrative and can be done part time.

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There are 5 OTO’s which I have not reviewed but some look interesting…


OTO 1 is Latitude PRO which is a way to use arbitrage to make money with NFT’s!


OTO 2 is The ELITE INSIDERS CLUB which is where you can find all the richest NFT sellers and traders!


OTO 3 is Latitude DELUXE which shows you how to 10X your profits by leveraging Art collections!


OTO 4 is Unlimited Traffic which is getting traffic for 365 days from 100’s of sales pages.


OTO 5 is Ultra Reseller Rights Bundle – sell this training or another 3 as your own.





Advanced Video Training on NFT’s (This is a straight to the point video that tells you advanced ways to use NFTs to make fast money from an expert)


3 Methods To Find Profitable NFT’s (This is a Full training video that shows you some secrets on how to find the most profitable NFTs out there)


Traffic Boost (I got this 16 part video training and full walk through PDF that shows you the top ten traffic methods to use this year to drive traffic to anywhere that you want. Remember that traffic is the life blood of any business)


40 Digital Products (I am going to give you access to part of my own bonus platform where I search for bonuses when needed. You can create your own account and have full access to 40 products that were top selling products, no rubbish PLR here)


TweetX (This is a software that was just sold that automates Twitter traffic. I actually use this software myself and as Twitter is one of the traffic sources that is spoken about in Latitude I thought that this would be a great bonus to help with that part of the product)



Get Access To Latitude Plus All of The Bonuses Above By Clicking Here!


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