Lazy Profit Engine 2.0 Review

Lazy Profit Engine 2.0 Review


Ease Of Training




Value For Money



  • This is a method that I both use and teach!


  • None really!

Lazy Profit Engine 2.0 – Go Lazy Or Go Optimal!


There will be a lot of hype around Lazy Profit Engine 2.0 for various reasons. In this totally honest Lazy Profit Engine 2.0 Review I hope to clear things up and tell you if I think that Lazy Profit Engine 2.0 lives up to the hype!

Now the very first thing that I will say about Lazy Profit Engine 2.0 and I hope that you keep reading is that the method inside of this very detailed training course is almost the exact same method as I charge my high paying students to learn.

Lazy Profit Engine 2.0 Review

Lazy Profit Engine 2.0 Review


My one on one coaching starts at $1000 and I only accept people who I know will put in the little work that is required, I have turned down more people than I have coached!

The reason that I start my students on a method almost the same as Lazy Profit Engine 2.0 is that you will see your first sales in a few hours and that even though you can do this method in 20 minutes a day if you spend say 4 or 5 hours a day the amount of money that you can make is job replacing!

Once I started using the methods that Lazy Profit Engine 2.0 teaches you my whole life changed. I moved to sunny Croatia. I got married and my Wife doesn’t have to work ever again if she does not want to!

Lazy Profit Engine 2.0 Review

Lazy Profit Engine 2.0 Review


Every day I see new products promising you the World but there are very few that I can sit here and say with a 100% guarantee that if you put, in this case Lazy Profit Engine 2.0 into action you will make money and not just a few Dollars here and there but a life changing amount that only grows and grows and becomes more and more passive!

Alright now what does Lazy Profit Engine 2.0 involve. Firstly I noticed that on the Lazy Profit Engine 2.0 sales page that it talks about video. This particular method does not actually involve recording any videos at all.

So if you were thinking that Lazy Profit Engine 2.0 is about creating videos where you talk about the product that you are promoting then you don’t have to worry about that at all. The type of videos can be made by anyone in a couple of minutes with not a word said.

There are 2 parts to Lazy Profit Engine 2.0, the first is the main course PDF which is the “Lazy Method” and can be done in 30 minutes a day.

The second part of Lazy Profit Engine 2.0 is a 10 part video course which is called the “Optimal” method and while this may take a bit longer to set up, trust me it is worth it. You set everything up once and then every time you want to make more sales you just create a new Optimal review.

So in a very fine nutshell Lazy Profit Engine 2.0 is about promoting Online Marketing products but at the same time building a business that you will have and that will continue to make you money for as long as you want it too.

The paragraph above does not really do Lazy Profit Engine 2.0 justice but that is the best way to explain it without actually giving away the full course!

Lazy Profit Engine 2.0 Review

Lazy Profit Engine 2.0 Review


As always I will be giving away some bonuses that will really help you with either of the 2 methods inside of Lazy Profit Engine 2.0 AND to anyone who buys Lazy Profit Engine 2.0 plus at least 1 Upsell through my site I am going to be including a 20 to 30 minute one on one Skype call / chat with me.

Normally for a one on one chat with me regarding coaching I would charge anywhere from $100 to $500. In this chat I will answer any questions and also tell you how to Triple your earnings!

This is the first time that I have ever offered this as a bonus (and will be the last time) but as I have been using and teaching an almost identical method to Lazy Profit Engine 2.0 and have been doing it a lot longer than Brett (the creator of Lazy Profit Engine 2.0) I feel that I can get you making even more money even quicker and building a business that will grow so fast you will be blown away!

(Unfortunately The Skype Call With Myself Was Only During Launch Period So Is Now Not Available)


Upsell 1 of Lazy Profit Engine 2.0 is the PRO Package.


Upsell 2 of Lazy Profit Engine 2.0 are Traffic Secrets and a 7-Figure Blueprint.


Upsell 3 of Lazy Profit Engine 2.0 is Exclusive one on one coaching with the creator of this course, Brett Hitchcock.






Authority Traffic (main course PDF – Cheatsheet and Mindmap + 10 HD videos. A complete 8 detailed part step by step full website training crash course. If you want to learn how to use the most powerful traffic available to boost your website traffic this packed course will get you teach you everything you need to know, I use many of these same methods on my own sites!)


Magnetic Power VIDEO Marketing (main course PDF + 10 HD videos. New and one of the most powerful video marketing training’s out there. If you thought that you already knew about video marketing and YouTube then this will blow your mind. Very intensive training!)


The New Guide to SEO (main course PDF – Cheatsheet and Mindmap + 10 HD videos. This looks at onsite and offsite SEO from a very new perspective as well as covering some evergreen methods. With this course you will be able to fine tune and rank any site or video very easily. I used a lot of the onsite parts on my own websites. Very solid training!)


Social Marketing Advantage (main course PDF + 2 other packed PDFs + 10 videos on how to use social media to give yourself a massive advantage in whatever business or niche that you are in. Social Marketing Advantage can be used by a complete beginner or a more experienced marketer to build a business empire through social media. Every topic covered in great detail – A must see)


Social Media Domination PRO (main course PDF – Cheatsheet and Mindmap + 10 HD videos. Have you noticed that every business has a huge social media presence? Well now you can learn how to grow your own massive social media empire for your business or if you don’t have a business learn to profit directly from Social Media or sell your services to other big business’s)


Content Marketing Blueprint (main course PDF – Cheatsheet and Mindmap + 10 HD videos. Everyone has probably heard that content is King, well in this packed course you will learn the many ways that content can be created and used to make easy money and build your business or just how to get started. You will be amazed at how many types of content people use to make huge amounts of recurring income)


Google Complete Domination (14 HD Video Training on Everything you will ever need to know about Ranking, SEO and Working With Google + 10 Step by Step PDFs + The Google Masters Blueprint PDF – Everything you will ever need to know about Google, SEO and So Much More – Great for Beginners to Advanced Marketers)


Blogging For Massive Profits (main course PDF – Cheatsheet and Mindmap + 10 HD videos Start learning from the very beginning how to create a money making Blog or Website and scale up to a full time income from your site. Lots of clever tricks in the setting up stage right through to the driving traffic and making money stage. Then scale up to have a huge part of Online property – Great training)


JVzoo Marketing Mastery (10 HD videos on everything that you will need to get started creating a business on JVzoo as both a vendor and an affiliate – Detailed training suitable for anyone who wants to know everything about the NO 1 affiliate platform)


YouTube Celebrity Formula (main course PDF – 10 HD videos on How to become a massive YouTube Celeb by creating content, managing your channel and growing like Wildfire – A great YouTube course that can be followed to start from zero knowledge and become a 7 figure a year YouTube marketer – As yet unreleased product)





Get Lazy Profit Engine 2.0 PLUS All The Bonuses Above By Clicking Through My Sites Exclusive Links!





  1. Marc Gray (Post author)

    Sorry Roger, That bonus was only available during launch period (I have now changed it so no more mistakes will be made). Also that product was from a while ago and a lot has changed in both my business and the way that the above product works due to Google updates and general changes!

  2. Roger

    Good Day Mr Marc, I know its been a while since the product was luanched however, will I still get the 30min call bonus if I purchase all the OTO via your link now in August/September?

  3. Marc Gray (Post author)

    Hi Tommy,

    Was good chatting to you too mate! I hope that you are still sticking with it, dont get distracted by any of the products that you are reviewing. Let me know if you want another review copy of another product!

    Feel free to email me any time with your questions and if you want me to give some suggestions send over your site link!

    Talk too you soon and thanks for the comment and feedback!

    Your friend,


  4. Tommy Craig

    Hello again Marc!

    Thank you again for the Skype call. It was one of the best and useful calls I’ve had with an online marketer! You’ve given me so many tools to use and so much useful information that I can use to get a good start on my business. I apologize for taking a few days to get back to you, but just wanted to let you know how awesome it was speaking with you my friend! I’m sure I’ll have to send a few questions your way in the coming weeks, so talk to you soon.

    Thanks a million!


  5. Marc Gray (Post author)

    Thank you though I dont know why you would do that since you are promoting the same product (I removed your site so no backlink).

    Good effort by trying to use Jeff Lenney’s name 🙂

  6. Lazy Profit Engine 2.0 review

    Your review is really great. I will share it on my facebook fanpage.

  7. Marc Gray (Post author)

    Hi Jim,

    Thanks for making contact and I’m glad to hear that you have been happy with my previous reviews. If you pick up all the OTO’s including OTO 3 then yes we can arrange to have a 90 minute Skype call though I would recommend that we do it in 2 sessions, (Ill also help you a bit after through email). From previous experience I have found that anything over an hour in terms of Skype coaching can be too much to take in, though it is up to you!

    I know that you will really benefit from the full course and with my coaching and some hard work at the beginning this will be life changing for you.

    Also please remember to keep a bit of money to invest in a few tools (ill get you a video recording software worth $300 for free) but you will need a bit for hosting and a domain and a little to use for outsourcing some things that will boost your sales. I wont write more than that as I dont want to give anything away here (Im only talking 20$ or so for the outsourcing to begin with)

    Also I will get you review access for the first few products that you promote. These are just a few of the things that I teach and give my own private students!

    How does that sound to you? Fair? As I said above I normally charge over $1000 for one on one coaching so I wont be keeping this offer open much longer!

    Hope to hear from you soon!

    To your future,


  8. Jim Masiello

    Mark, I have purchased products from you before and have been pleased. I am going to purchase lazy profit engine including the first 2 oto possibly thru your link. Thank you for your bonus offers including the 30 min Skype call . I am contemplating picking up oto 3 thru you for $197.00, if i do would you be receptive to adding an additional hour to a one on one Skype call to help me if I have any questions? I would appreciate it if you let me know as soon as possible. Thank you very much either way. Best regards, Jim Masiello.

  9. Marc Gray (Post author)

    Hi Tommy,

    Nice one. I think you’ll be happy you did. Send me an email with proof of purchase. Go through the full course, write down any questions to ask me on our chat. I will schedule our call between Monday and Wednesday!

    Does that sound good for you?



  10. Tommy Craig

    Hello Marc!

    I purchased this product through your link and also purchased the first upsell. How do I go about getting the bonuses and a Skype call with you sir?

  11. Marc Gray (Post author)

    Thanks mate! Speak soon!

  12. Lazy Profit Engine 2.0 review

    Great review Marc, seems like a good course!

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