Lee Murray’s “Private Label Lifestyle” Review

Lee Murray’s “Private Label Lifestyle” was a great product to review and actually had me laughing out loud at some of the things Lee says. Now when I was laughing it was at his writing style and not his method (s).



The art of writing a detailed business plan that doesn’t make people fall asleep has got lost on many people but not in Lee Murray’s “Private Label Lifestyle”. He managed to keep me interested with very good working ideas and a sense of humour…just to give you an idea here is a quote from Lee in his Private Label Lifestyle “Jeez Ass H.W. Bush’s Baked Beans, kimosabe! It’s even easier!”

I have never met Lee but he seems like someone I would like to know, for 2 reasons. 1. The guy knows his stuff and how to explain it very well. 2. He is a very funny guy. When I opened my review copy of Lee Murray’s “Private Label Lifestyle” I was treated to what I thought a very funny picture caption which (sorry Lee) but you can see below.




Now from reading the sales page of Lee Murray’s “Private Label Lifestyle” you are basically getting a very good idea of what is involved so THANKFULLY NO BLIND SALES COPY!

Lee Murray’s “Private Label Lifestyle” is a 34 page PDF with normal size font not font that I have seen on some products recently that manage to fit 4 words per line. This is a detailed system that can be grown into a mega full time business and is not a “Click 2 buttons and make $10,000” product but rather a method that will work if you take action.

Inside Lee Murray’s “Private Label Lifestyle” you will learn how to pick a niche the right way and do keyword research the right way so that what you will create will be completely evergreen.



You will learn how to do the basic work yourself or outsource it to someone very cheaply and make back your investment a 1000 times over…now here is where it gets interesting you could just use this method and do nothing else and still make a nice passive income or you can follow along and invest a few Dollars and create a Website to capture leads which will ultimately lead you to building a sacred buyers list.

Lee Murray’s “Private Label Lifestyle” will teach you how to set up an offer on Warrior Plus and the Warrior Forum using only the PLR that you wrote or got outsourced but again you could just keep repeating that same tactic or learn how to create a simple PDF course that you you can launch thus making more money and adding to your buyers list.

Reading a PDF and method like this has for me personally given me the motivation and knowledge to release my next product without having to stress about “Product Creation” and if you really feel that you can’t write a short 30 page PDF about a simple trick or simple idea that you have then you can give the outlines to someone and they will do it for you.



My last product was simply a list of Keywords and niches and Clickbank Products that went together perfectly. Now that didn’t involve a great amount of skill, all I was doing was saving people time and people loved my product “The Golden Niche List”. So if you are stuck for an idea create a time saving list and people will buy it.

Keyword research is VITAL but can also be boring so saving people a ton of time and giving them niches and keywords and products, well that will sell, trust me. I didn’t learn that in Lee Murray’s “Private Label Lifestyle” but it is just a tip.

Overall my conclusion of Lee Murray’s “Private Label Lifestyle” is that this is a proven to work method if you can put in a bit of work until it becomes completely passive which it will very quickly. I for one will be starting to implement a large part of this product in the next few days (so I guess this is one review copy that will not be getting deleted 🙂

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