Legal Pages WSO Review

This Product Is No Longer Available!

The Legal Pages WSO may not seem very glamorous or catchy with no claims of making 100’s of $ or building the biggest list that man has ever seen but you have no idea how important Legal Pages WSO is.



If you are into SEO which if you have a site of some kind you really should be then you will know that if you don’t have legal pages your site suffers with your SEO campaign! Google looks upon sites that have the correct legal pages as more important than other sites and will rank you higher then your competition. That is a FACT!

Also if you don’t have legal pages then you are leaving yourself open to fines or imprisonment which is the last thing you need!

Legal Pages WSO is a web based product, so you log in online and fill in your details one by one, such as name, name of business etc. This will take you about 4 mins then you are able to either upload your new legal pages via FTP or even easier download them and copy and paste them to your new compliant website.

online screen


As i said before Legal Pages WSO is very important, even if you don’t care about the legal aspects then once you have added them you should resubmit your site and the legal pages through Google Webmaster Tools and Bing Webmaster and within days you will see your rankings rise because you have now become a trusted authority site in the eyes of Google.


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