Legit Guide Review With Jamie Lewis

Legit Guide Review


Ease Of Training




Value For Money



  • Like having your own coaching for 27 Dollars!


  • No real CON...though I did get Jamie to give me some amazing bonuses...Scroll below to check out!

Legit Guide Review – A huge amount of value from an 8 Figure a year Marketer, Jamie Lewis!


Welcome My Dear Readers, This has been a busy Month so my Legit Guide Review is a little late and also I can’t actually review all of it right now!

Why can I not review it all now?

As well as all the initial training there are a series of 27 training sessions that will be 2 each week, kind of like Webinars but with nothing to buy at the end. Just pure training from Jamie Lewis.

Legit Guide Review

Legit Guide Review


Even though I have full Legit Guide Review access I have signed up for the next training session as Jamie is the real deal.

I have been talking to Jamie a lot since we first got in contact and I really can say he is one of the people in this industry who really want to help and gets joy from people succeeding!

I reviewed one of his products called Affiliate Shortcut and got amazing value from my review access as well as quite a few aged and expired domains for almost nothing

On the sales page of Legit Guide there is a list of Jamie’s stats or what he has achieved and the stats are crazy. Just look below!

Legit Guide Review

Legit Guide Review


Besides making 8 Figures a year he has had over 50 Million views to his videos which are in all different niches.

Clickbank and Jvzoo give him Platinum awards every year, and trust me they don’t give them out easily.

He has created multiple software’s that still get used and bring him in passive income Plus so much more that I wont even bother listing as it is all on the Legit Guide sales page.

Now besides the value of basically having a private coach to work with you in an interactive group chat there is so much in the Legit Guide main product which I will get to in a second.

Just before I go to tell you what is in the members area I wanted to say what impressed me about Legit Guide so much.

When I first started wanting to make money online I figured that the best way to go is to save up and hire a personal coach, which I did.

Legit Guide Review

Legit Guide Review


My first experience was from a Woman that I found on a forum that charged 300 Dollars and Guaranteed that you would be making 100 plus a day within 30 days…when I think back now that was very stupid.

She vanished after I started following her instructions, Gone, never to be seen again!

My own one on one coaching starts at between 3000 and 5000 depending on the level of the person but I can’t guarantee success if they don’t do what I say or actually do what I tell them.

Before going back to Legit Guide I have to tell you of my worst coaching experience. It was with a guy called Corey Friedman who I last saw on the Warrior Forum.

Anyway this time I paid 5000 Dollars for his coaching plus he promised that he would build me a list so that I could start selling solo ads.

I did actually make a couple of solo ad sales then I found out that the list that he had made was the same list that another 50 people had got for 5k which makes that list worthless.

I did eventually get my money back and named him and shamed him, my point here is that getting a good coach is hard!

Now my point about why those little stories relate to Legit Guide?

Having a guy like Jamie walk you through over 24 sessions is worth in my opinion way more than 27 Dollars.

To me that’s like having a full time coach or even better because Jamie works in so many niches that he can help you find what you are interested in, Legit Guide also has a form that you can fill in about yourself that goes straight to Jamie.

Then he knows who he is working with, I have not seen this kind of training and personal touch ever outside 5 to 10k coaching!

Now in the members area of Legit Guide there are a complete set of 27 training videos varying from 10 minutes to over an hour.

Also in the Legit Guide members area there is a good few different software including the expired domain hunter, yes that amazing tool is included.

Legit Guide Review

Legit Guide Review


Also there is the Legit Guide YouTube software and calculator to help you find a business model!

This review is getting a bit long now so I will try to sum up Legit Guide!

Legit Guide is an incredibly well put together product that will give you access to 24 live calls with Jamie, which for me is just insane value.

Plus you have over 27 training videos that cover everything that Jamie does which includes YouTube marketing, video creation, affiliate marketing, product launching, traffic, flipping domains, software and just finding a path to follow in your online business.

As I said I talk to Jamie a lot, we send a lot of voice messages back and forth and talk about marketing, strategies and a lot of fun stuff.

When Jamie asked me what bonuses I wanted to use in this review I just did a quick search on Google to find some of his best and most expensive products and software and just threw their names out there.

I was not expecting to get them but BOOM if you decide to invest in yourself then you will get CashGrab and BankRamp which are 2 products that I thought looked amazing!

There are only a few OTO’s which you can see below,


OTO 1 is the VIP Upgrade. Unlimited attendance to the Webinar training for LIFE + Priority attention in the webinars.


OTO 2 is a Software bundle that you can download and keep!


OTO 3 is ALL of Jamie’s Videos that you can use and will sell themselves!




My Own Best Selling Training “Traffic Victory” Plus ALL Upsells (This advanced training on how to build a website that ranks in Google. I show you inside of my own marketing site with multiple case studies. The main product is 7 hours of intensive training PLUS I am giving away ALL of the OTO’s or Upsells. Which include advanced training on YouTube and Facebook as well as more case studies. Then the Done for you OTO where I supply a Clickbank keyword and product finder, 10 full products that you can resell or use as bonuses, 2 GB of graphics and a lot more)


Membership to Jamie’s Ultimate eCom Goldmine system called BankRamp (A packed training and software that is one of Jamie’s 7 figure launches)


Full Access To Jamies CashGrab System (Again this is another packed training area and software that will bring you traffic and set up an interactive path to take)



Get Everything Above and Invest In Yourself By Clicking Here!



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