LinkedIn Secret Sauce 2.0 Review

There are many platforms that can be used to get new business and leads and we usually hear about Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and many others but one that is commonly overlooked is Linkedin and that is what LinkedIn Secret Sauce 2.0 is all about. Getting new leads for your business.

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LinkedIn Secret Sauce 2.0 started with a communication between the CEO of a large SEO company and Lee Cole who had been trying to crack Linkedin for a while to get new leads. Here is a conversation on Skype between both of them


It seemed that Gloria Gunn had cracked the Linked lead getting system and had more qualified leads that she knew what to do with…Lee talked her into putting together LinkedIn Secret Sauce 2.0 which is now live and being shared with the public!

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If you want to get leads and have your profile fully optimised then this step by step PDF is most definitely for you. I have read a few Linkedin Products before and all they really do is tell you how to optimise your profile so that when you are searching for clients they see a professional profile page but with LinkedIn Secret Sauce 2.0 you can have clients coming to you.



LinkedIn Secret Sauce 2.0 is well written and step by step with no fluff or filler, some products that I have read waste half the PDF telling you about the history of Linkedin or how large it is growing but LinkedIn Secret Sauce 2.0 stays on point and you are left with a solid easy to follow plan to bring in more and more high quality clients which means more sales and more return customers.

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After reading LinkedIn Secret Sauce 2.0 I have decided to put aside a few days next week to start getting clients for my company which I have been neglecting since I started this site and got caught up with some other projects but next week I will be putting LinkedIn Secret Sauce 2.0 to the test and I have no doubt that it will serve me well in getting more clients for my business!



OTO 1 is a 17 module video course that will show you how to crunch out even more clients and how to use these new skills to start making money if you are a complete newbie! (The video course is great and I would like to have seen the main product be a bit more expensive but include the 17 video modules). The main product LinkedIn Secret Sauce 2.0 is still a very cheap worthwhile client getting magnet which if you are fed up with cold calling/emailing then this will give you the leads that you need!

OTO 2 is a complete outsourcing package that has all the paper work so that you can create your team and get them to work while you sit back and enjoy watching the money coming in. (useful but the main product and the first OTO should be your main priority)

If you have read this I am offering a lot of 2015 bonus products but if you would rather have another package that you have seen with another review then just email me with your receipt and I will forward on to you….but for now in your download link you will receive well over 1600$ worth of bonus products!

Video Marketing Kit (10 Mini PDF Reports + 10 Audio Files + 20 posters + Main Product PDF Report + Extras) 

Adsense Blueprint (11 over the shoulder videos and the OTO video) – 

Authority Hi-Jack 2(the software + user manual) – 

Batman Money Technique 2015(includes website + 4 main course PDF’s and the OTO) –  

Buyer Keywords Profit Formula (Main PDF Course) – 

Instant Cash Formula (main course PDF) –

100k Affiliate (main Course PDF) – 

Page One Ranking Formula 2015 (main course PDF)

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