List Building & Email Marketing MasterClass Review

List Building & Email Marketing MasterClass Review With Kevin Fahey!


There is no doubt that when it comes to real stats and results that Kevin is the real deal and what he teaches works so enjoy this List Building & Email Marketing MasterClass Review.

This training is only going to be at the launch cost for 3 days before going back up to $47, so don’t miss out.

I actually got a lot from Kevin’s List Building & Email Marketing MasterClass as there were lots of methods that I had never considered and never used before but they are methods and tactics that I will be using going forward in my business.

List Building & Email Marketing MasterClass Review Headline
List Building & Email Marketing MasterClass Review Headline


Actually this very site brings in about 100 to 200+ leads from the pop up and the link to my landing page every week.

Even though Kevin launches products fairly regularly a lot of the size of his list and how people react to his emails are not just from launching products but from all of the methods that he is teaching and that he uses himself.

On Warrior Plus and Jvzoo and similar make money online platforms Kevin is by far one of the top affiliates and that is all down to his e-mail marketing which again as I said above is from using different methods to collect and build a relationship with his lists.

List Building & Email Marketing MasterClass Review Members Area 1
List Building & Email Marketing MasterClass Review Members Area 1


So if you think that Kevin’s List Building & Email Marketing MasterClass is all about launching products and getting buyers from those lunches then you will be very surprised and wrong.

This can be done with absolutely no ad spend, that’s right you don’t need to spend any money to build a highly profitable e-mail list that will learn to trust you and buy from you because you recommend and have built trust with your e-mail list.

Over the years of reviewing different products about e-mail marketing I’ve nearly always found that the result on the sales page from the vendor who is selling the product is using the list that he has built from people buying his other products.

He is just reselling to those people and not everybody wants to start releasing and launching products.

As Promised in the video you can go to Getresponse and get it FREE forever or until you get to 500 subscribers…

Some people want to use a free method or a very cheap method to build their list and I totally understand that and that is why I liked Kevins List Building & Email Marketing MasterClass so much.

Another thing that I can say with great certainty about list building products is that people are scared of them.

Now you might be thinking why would anybody be scared of a list building or e-mail marketing product?

Well the answer is that when people hear building a list they think that it is a huge amount of work and sometimes it can be if you don’t have a plan…

List Building & Email Marketing MasterClass Review Stats
List Building & Email Marketing MasterClass Review Stats


But if you have a plan and you build your list and keep it fresh and only promote good products to your list they will become customers who trust you for a long time and you don’t need a huge list to make decent sales.

I remember when I first started I only had a list made from this website of about 500 people and every time I did a new review I would mail to those 500 people to go to my new review and I would always make a lot of sales.

One reason was because my website was ranked with my SEO skills and because the people who had signed up through my website trusted my reviews so you don’t need a lot of people on your e-mail list and you can still grow very quickly.

I would say that continuing to grow my list over the last 8 to 10 years has been the best thing that I have done and I know that anybody else can do it.

When I started to buy emails as well as getting the free leads from my existing traffic sources my sales really blew up, I used methods very similar to ATM Profits and from the first time I bought traffic I doubled my investement (my point is not to go out and buy traffic when this product teaches you how to build a good list for free, but maybe in time you should think about buying emails from the right people as it can be a goldmine)

List Building & Email Marketing MasterClass Review Members Area and Modules
List Building & Email Marketing MasterClass Review Members Area and Modules


You can do it if you have a YouTube channel you can do it if you have a website you can do it using TikTok you can do it using social media and you can do it using all of the methods that Kevin teaches in his List Building & Email Marketing MasterClass.

There are 28 Full modules in List Building & Email Marketing MasterClass but here are some of the actual list building methods that Kevin explains in great detail (remember these are just some of the ways to build your list plus all the ways to write and plan your emails and how to get started)

I would give Kevin’s List Building & Email Marketing MasterClass review easily a nine out of 10, I liked it that much and will be using some of the methods myself as well as tweaking the methods that I am already using.




Firstly Bonuses from Kevin Below –


Bonus #1 – IM Emails Pro

Bonus #2 – Email Marketing Checklists PLR INCLUDED

Bonus #3 – Interviews With 20 Top Marketers

Bonus #4 – Project Restart Training

Bonus #5 – Email Marketing Power Basic & Pro Version PLR INCLUDED

Bonus #6 – Email Marketing Webinar Replays (2 Additional Hours of Training)


Marcs Buyer Lead Capture Video Training (This is a video that I recorded. In this private video I show you one of my biggest secrets that I use to legally steal buyer leads directly from any launch. I have been using this method for a few Years and now have built up a good sized list of proven buyers. How am I able to compete with affiliates who launch every month. I take their buyers and in this video I will show you how)


Email Marketing PRO (15 HD videos that teach that teach you every detail about building a list and making money from it Fulltime – Lots of Techy questions answered – A complete “How To” Marketing course)


Email Marketing and List Building Excellence (A 10 HD video course that focuses on building your buyers list fast, making steady and consistent cash and constantly growing and keeping your list buying from you)


List Building 101 (10 HD video course that takes you by the hand and shows you in step by steps exactly why and how building the right kind of list is so important)


High Ticket Funnel Authority (10 HD video course on how to create the perfect traffic sucking funnel – Everyone knows that you need a squeeze page to build your list but what most dont tell you is that you can create a funnel that will make you money and build your list with all traffic that you send to it)


WordPress and List Building Mega Course (24 HD video course on everything you need to know about WordPress and using it to build a huge list, perfect for product creators, list builders and WP beginners)


Social Media Authority List Building GOLD (10 video training course – resource report – social media swipe kit – top forums and blogs – keywords – images – graphics – This is a full business in a box that teaches you how to build a list using the power of Social Media)


Lead Generation Authority (main course PDF – checklist PDF – 10 HD videos on How to attract more leads, Close more sales, and Increase your marketing ROI, All broken down in steps through PDF and 10 HD videos – This course is new to the market and as yet unreleased)



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