Listify Review

Listify Review


Ease Of Training




Value For Money



  • The actual software is super simple to set up!


  • After setting up the software there are no traffic or marketing training videos SO I just recorded a 40 Minute Private Coaching Session That Will Get You Off To a Flying Start! SCROLL Down To See!

As well as creating a Listify Review I created my own Private Coaching on 4 traffic methods plus how to retarget and Never waste a lead!


Hello Dear Readers, In my Listify Review I have been playing around with this new software and have found it very simple to use.

Before I show you an example of Listify and explain in more detail why this simple solution to build lists is clever let’s look back to that saying that anyone who has ever been involved with online marketing will have heard…

“The money is in the List”

Listify Review

Listify Review


Since about day 2 of my start in learning about building a business online as an Affiliate Marketer that is what I was told by everyone and something that I did not listen to until a few years back.

While Listify is a unique way to build a list I would say that this quote, that I just made up is just as important…

“Treat your list well and then the money is in the list”

When I started this site that you are on I added a pop up for people to get a free training course and in total over the last 4 years have built up a list of over 6000 people.

Listify Review

Listify Review


I clean my lists regularly as there is no point in having people on your list who don’t open your mails so my actual list size for this site is smaller.

After about 2 years I realized that I had only ever mailed to that list a couple of times so had no relationship with my subscribers, so I started to mail a couple of times a week and I now have a few lists of people who always open my mails.

Listify is brought to us by the guys behind Funnels Kit, Paul O’Keefe and Richard Fairburn!

Listify Review

Listify Review


Listify shows and does for you a list building way that is not a pop up but a clever way to get people onto your list.

Everything is already set up and hosted in the Listify members area and the way that it works is that you give away any of 20 premium plugins for free without anyone having to optin or give their name or email.

Instead when someone downloads one of the free WP plugins and adds it to their site they automatically go onto your list.

Why do I think that is so clever?

Simple really, people are bored of signing up to a traditional pop up or optin form because they know that they are going to then be on a “List”.

Unfortunately a lot of marketers abuse their lists by sending multiple offers multiple times a day.

If you are on my list(s) then you will see that I only mail maybe 1 or 2 offers that I have reviewed completely maybe twice a week and I never try to hard sell people, I tell a little about what I reviewed and then give people the choice to click through to my review.

This means less unsubscribes and more respect from your list.

Thinking that your list are just there to buy buy buy from you is a mistake.

That is why Listify is so powerful, you are giving people a high quality plugin for free and only when they install it on their Website do they go on your list.

Listify Review

Listify Review

As you can see from the download page Listify does not look like the usual landing pages that we see everyday, its something different and the customer can download without giving any private information

Also with Listify you have the option of having the software host your own pages or you can download them and re upload to any domain you want.

That means no need for hosting or a domain and you can connect all the big named autoresponders with 1 click.

I have my Listify account connected to my Getresponse account, I have been with them for years now and never had any real problems.

So now we know what Listify does and how easy and different it is.

If you would like me to show you 4 powerful traffic examples and how to keep your subscribers happy, and to be able to remarket to them then check out the first bonus that I just created below.

There are a few OTO’s or Upsells which I will list below.


OTO 1 is called Listify PRO (This gives you an extra 51,000 Plugins and Landing pages to use)


OTO 2 is called Steal My Bonus (This is the chance to use Done For You Bonuses to giveaway or edit)


OTO 3 is called Underground Affiliate System (This is another huge Done For you that includes training, ads, social media, templates and a full cloud based system that handles everything.)


OTO 4 is called Smart Content Match (This allows you to get viral content to add to your blog along with an offer that matches Plus a LOT more!





Firstly 14 General Bonuses From the Vendors (I won’t list them all here but they are available when you buy through my site)

Also Directly from the vendor these 5 Exclusive Bonuses below!

Facebook Ninja

Instagram Wizard Funnel

Pinterest Marketer

Twitter Tornado

Youtube Hijack


Now Bonuses Directly From Me Just Below!


Marcs Listify Bonus Private Coaching (I just recorded this 40+ minute video training so it has never been seen before. I show you 4 examples of the best and fastest free ways to get traffic and people to your links. I have also included how to build more trust with your list and always be able to contact them through another channel other than email and to be always able to retarget them. This is really the ONLY bonus that you would need!)


Facebook Groups (Main course PDF, Mindmap PDF and 10 HD videos show you how to utilize groups for more traffic but also to build your own. This is very helpful and will complement the above Private training)


Email Marketing PRO (15 HD videos that teach that teach you every detail about becoming a list builder and getting set up)


Email Marketing and List Building Excellence (A 10 HD video course which walks you through the power of list building and email marketing and how to do it right)


List Building 101 (10 HD video course that takes you by the hand and shows you in step by steps exactly why and how building the right kind of list is so important to keep profiting from it)


WordPress and List Building Hero Course (24 HD video course on everything you need to know about WordPress and combing both WordPress and list building to automate and structure your business. This will help you scale a lot!)


Social Media Domination PRO (main course PDF – Cheatsheet and Mindmap + 10 HD videos. If you master your social media accounts you can be everywhere at once. Dominate social media and you can have unlimited traffic whether paid or free. This is perfect to “Giveaway” your Plugins and take as many people from social media as you want)


The ONLY Free Traffic Methods (23 HD Videos including the basic to advanced methods of free traffic. Some of these can you set up once and others you need to keep updated but if you are able to get started with even a few of these free traffic methods you will never worry about traffic again)


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