Live Event Blaster Review

Live Event Blaster 2 Review


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Live Event Blaster is an evergreen software I use every day to make money and in this Live Event Blaster Review I am going to show you how…Plus receive some must have bonuses Including a Live 1 Hour Training Session With Me!!



Now firstly let me tell you in this Live Event Blaster review what it does and why you need it if you are serious about ranking YouTube videos. Now it has been known for quite a while now that creating Live Events would automatically catapult your video to the top of YouTube and very often Google!

When Live Events were first introduced to YouTube they were only available for certain people and then when YouTube decided to open the doors for others to be able to stream Live Events which as I said earlier gives you a huge advantage over every other video, why didn’t everyone start doing it?


Live Event Blaster Review

Live Event Blaster 2 Review


Well the answer is really quite simple, unless you are willing to record yourself directly on to YouTube then it was impossible to upload a prerecorded video to YouTube which is what Live Event Blaster does.

Above is a Quick Look At The New Live Event Blaster 2 in action! To see my results check out the video below!

Now many people are not very comfortable recording themselves on a public video much less when it is Live and everyone will see you and any mistakes that you make.

Now there is a way to upload prerecorded videos onto YouTube as Live Events but trust me when I say it is tough and requires switching between 2 different software’s and YouTube and getting the timing just right…

Live Event Blaster Review

Live Event Blaster 2 Review


Now what Live Event Blaster does and makes it so easy to do is for you to create a video offline or online or outsource it and then simply upload it to the Live Event Blaster software and click 1 button and boom…you now have a Live Event streaming and once it has finished streaming it turns into a YouTube video like any other!

Now you can read all about Live Event Blaster on the sales page which holds nothing back and tells you exactly what the Live Event Blaster software does so I am going to tell one of the ways that I use it!



Now as you can probably see I review a lot of Online Marketing products on this site.

Now it really is not rocket science. I create review videos using free software and then title it “Product Name Review”, add in a description and stream it “Live” with Live Event Blaster!

Now rather than taking my word that Live Event Blaster works look at some of the results I got on the first page of Google using my copy of Live Event Blaster ( There are many many more but you get the idea)!


Live Event Blaster Review

Live Event Blaster 2 Review


Live Event Blaster Review

Live Event Blaster 2 Review


Live Event Blaster Review

Live Event Blaster 2 Review


Live Event Blaster Review

Live Event Blaster 2 Review


Now the method that I have very quickly outlined above is just 1 way that you can use Live Event Blaster to make some really quick sales from Warrior Plus or JVzoo.

If you are looking to make more evergreen sales then I would suggest using Clickbank or a CPA company (my 2 favorite are Maxbounty and Peerfly – If you are not in any CPA company then there are plenty of others that are very easy to get into).


Now I very often hear people say that to make money you need to invest money…well with Live Event Blaster you really don’t!

Now I will be totally honest and tell you that every time I upload a new video I upload one the normal way and one with Live Event Blaster. The way that I see it is that it gives me double the chance of getting to that amazing number 1 spot in Google.

When using Live Event Blaster you are almost guaranteed to get to the first page of YouTube. Either being on the first page of Google or YouTube is a huge way to get traffic…free traffic!

Live Event Blaster is one of the tools that I will always keep in my arsenal as it is truly Evergreen and really does provide FREE Targeted Traffic!


OTO 1 is Live Event Blaster PRO – Now the only real difference that this gives you is that you can add more than 1 YouTube account / Channel to your Live Event Blaster Software! (I invested the extra for the PRO version)







All Vendor Bonuses Included Also!


I Have Recorded a Private 59 minute Video that ONLY The Customers Who Get Live Event Blaster 2 Through My Site Will Get Access Too (This includes everything that I do to rank on the top spot with video that they forget to tell you in LEB 2. You dont need SEO or optimization?? Really…well try LEB 2 without this video and you will see why the people who bought through my site are ranking first page and you are not)


Video Creation Package (Monster Package to create your own Explainer Videos using PowerPoint – Includes Whiteboard Video Set – Viral Video Box – Full Tutorial Videos – Pro Pack PowerPoint – high converting sales page – Front End Outros – Front End Intros – Front End Explainer – 1000+ Marketing Graphic – 100 Flash Transition Backgrounds – 50 Animated Backgrounds – 10 Animated Characters – 221 Music Background) 


Video Maker Software (Full Pro Video Software – Software creates videos from text, music and images and also has a text to speech function! Comes with a user video. A video on how to make review videos. Also comes with a full licence / key. You can now create beautiful and easy videos in minutes)


YouTube Marketing Extreme (A 10 HD video course that will show you how to use YouTube to create a long term and ever growing evergreen business – Many tricks that have not been taught before that will bring you in an easy 6 Figures and can be started for completely free)


Video Marketing Extreme (10 HD full video training + articles + banners + cheat sheet + give away report + ALL sales copy + graphics + outsourcing blueprint + powerpoint presentation + SEO software + squeeze page + multiple extra training videos and eBooks + everything you would need to run your own business with video)


Video Marketing Blue Print (10 Over the shoulder Video Course + 2 Squeeze Page Videos + Cheat Sheat + Main Course PDF + Lead generating Report + Email Swipes and Much more – this is a complete business in a Box)


Google Hangouts Marketing Simplified (15 HD videos on how you can use Google Hangouts to drive insane amounts of traffic and attract clients ready to buy – Can be used in any niche and requires minimum work to start making a Fulltime income or just to get a very highly targeted audience)


WordPress Tube Ninja (An Incredibly powerful Software to Boost YouTube Videos to your WordPress site – Includes – WP Plugin + WP Theme + 6 over the shoulder training videos, This will increase your Tube and WP Traffic by as much as 500%. A very powerful Software)


Instagram Traffic 101 (10 HD video course on how to use Instagram, how to drive traffic and get sales from CPA to Affiliate Marketing – You will not believe the potential power of this under used platform!)


Twitter Marketing Extreme (10 HD videos that will finally show you the real potential for using Twitter to create unlimited traffic, sales and leads – Most people dont know the full money making potential of Twitter…change that TODAY)


Periscope Traffic Hack (10 HD Intensive Training videos on how to use this Social Media Platform and how to gain traffic sales from Periscope – New Product)


Traffic Marketing Extreme ( Learn How to control your traffic with 6 Detailed videos Including the topics of – Email Traffic, Facebook Traffic, Forum Traffic, Google Traffic, Pinterest Traffic, YouTube Traffic)


Massive Video Marketing Pack (Includes 6 PDFs and almost 30 videos on every aspect of YouTube and video Marketing as well as ranking tips. This is split up into 6 separate training’s. Each different from the next with twists from each training)


Get Live Event Blaster 2 + ALL The Bonuses Above by Clicking Here!


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