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Local Email Takeover is a complete course of 13 over the shoulder videos showing you how to set up and get the system Local Email Takeover in place. Local Email Takeover also provides the exact email swipes and scripts that Jamie and David have been using themselves to gain clients trust so much that after sending out 1 cold email they get a reply in a day with the potential client asking for more!



Local Email Takeover is a very very good course and will cut down the amount of cold emails that you have to send to get high paying clients. Every business wants more clients especially offline business’ such as Doctors, Dentists, Builders and any business that requires clients.

If you are able to promise them using Local Email Takeover that you can get them more clients with the “Grab Their Attention Email System” then you will have a load of potential clients all looking to hear how. With offline Marketing making that first contact is the biggest hurdle and Local Email Takeover has found a way to do just that. This is something that I will be using in my offline business EkkoResources to gain more clients!

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The great thing about getting the clients attention and then helping them is that you build their trust meaning that you are in a very unique position to have the trust to offer them other services and you can become their go to person.

The great thing about the video training in Local Email Takeover is that besides being very thorough is that it shows you how to start a business completely from nothing without any major investment which is great for people looking to put in the work to make a serious income online!



I predict that if you buy this Local Email Takeover and follow the detailed instructions you can be making a quit your job Monthly income in the first 30 days of starting and then you will be able to invest a little of that to speed up your client getting process which is shown in the Video Course of Local Email Takeover.

There is only 1 OTO which is Local Email Takeover Call Closing Elite (which if you are going to start this business which I recommend doing then this is most definitely worth it and will save you a load of time)


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