Local Vid Pro Review

Local Vid Pro Review


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  • This is a great business model that I was going to try myself but Tom and team have blasted it into a complete automated software that turns this business into almost instant success!


  • Ranking Videos is not as easy anymore so I have included my own personal ranking strategies to 100x your success (Scroll to the bottom to see...and remember how did you find this site or video? My SEO strategies!

I Have Been Thinking About Using The Very Same Method That You Will See In my Local Vid Pro Review!


Hi my Readers and Friends, Yes its true I have on my to do list the exact same thing that Tom has put into one software. Read on or skip to the video to check out my full Local Vid Pro Review!

So first thing is first, local marketing is huge. Many people over look because of all the shiny sales pages that promise you that you will make money in the online niche.

Local Vid Pro Review

Local Vid Pro Review – Chatting and Drinking with Tom Yevsikov


Tom was also the guy behind the relaunch of Live Event Blaster.

There are a few steps to being successful in the local marketing niche which I will talk about in my Local Vid Pro Review.

Now in no real particular order you have to find the clients (Local Vid Pro does that)

You have to sell them on what you are offering (Local Vid Pro does that)

You have to create something out standing that they will be happy to pay for (yes , Local Vid Pro does that too)

Local Vid Pro Review

Local Vid Pro Review


You also want to create something that works a bit like ad space so that you can get recurring income from your clients!

As I said at the beginning of this Local Vid Pro review, this was a business model that I was going to do manually but Tom and team have done it all completely automated!

The Local Vid Pro software has so many functions that I there seems to be nothing that it cant do!

Last month I was talking to Tom in person about this idea and about local SEO in general and that is when I heard him talking about his new software Local Vid Pro.

Local Vid Pro Review

Local Vid Pro Review


Now what Local Vid Pro does is a little backwards but because it does it that way it makes the whole system even more powerful.

Rather than finding and searching for a client first, Local Vid Pro will create and find the keyword for a local business and then create a video that it then ranks on Google.

Then Local Vid Pro will contact the owner using one of its many templates and tell them that they can have that video…for a cost of course!

The type of offline local businesses that will be getting found for you are things like “Garage repair in Alban, Texas”.

Which is something that is very commonly searched for and something that will bring that business a lot more leads and customers.

So very few businesses will say no buying that first page ranked video because all you would have to do is sell it to their competition…

If you cant see the power in that already then maybe Local Vid Pro is not for you.

Local Vid Pro Review

Local Vid Pro Review


The other thing about Local Vid Pro is that it uses a system of ranking that is about Live events which do rank very well but in my own personal experience you may need a bit more to stay ranked than live events.

That is why I am giving away some of the best video ranking methods that I have as a bonus when you buy through my site.

You will not get these bonuses anywhere else as I created them!

As I said Local Vid Pro has SO many features that it would take forever to list them all, so I will just leave you to check out the sales page!

If I had the time to start another business then I would definitely start this type of business, I have actually been speaking to another marketer about doing something similar in the new year as the Local Vid Pro system works!

Its like renting first class ad space and who these days does not go online to find the closest Garage, hair dresser, Painter, Plumber etc.

This business model is a winner and with Local Vid Pro you have everything set out for you so that you can automate the process!


There are a few OTO’s or Upsells…Let’s have a quick look!


OTO 1 is called LOCAL VID PRO ULTIMATE! This ads in extra features such as premium support and SEO analyser and load more!


OTO 2 is called LOCAL VID PRO AGENCY! This has a load of new email templates and a built in autoresponder and you can create an account for a VA to use!


OTO 3 is called LOCAL VID PRO AGENCY! This gives you a premium green screen editor so that you can brand any video.




First! Vendor Bonuses (These Vendor bonuses are actually very good, I will show them right at the beginning of my video review)


My Own Specially Chosen Bonuses That You WILL NOT find Anywhere else!


Marcs Video Ranking and Optimization Private Methods (I put together this PDF to show you things that have taken me years to learn on how to rank and stay ranked. Live events work but these days they are not enough)


59 Minutes of Private Training on ranking Videos with Marc Gray (This is perfect if you prefer watching over the shoulder and following along. I show why Live events are just not enough these days to rank and stay ranked. This is training that I rarely share outside of my private coaching)


TWO Full SEO Training Courses (2 PDFs and 20 videos on every aspect of SEO that you will ever need. These take you from complete beginner to SEO expert)


THREE Huge Files Of Every Kind Graphics You Can Think Of (These are packed into 3 huge ZIP files that you can use to add to your videos and green screens so that they come alive. Never be stuck for Graphics again)


Niche Marketing (3 PDF’s and 10 videos that will help you to uncover many hidden niches and will save you a ton of time if you decide to use the video software to start ranking for things outside of the local marketing niche)


Marcs Golden Niche List (This is a training that I created over the space of weeks that matches Digital products to 90 plus niches. This is something that you can use if you decide to start ranking for some other niches and build multiple income streams)


Amazon Affiliate Marketing (3 PDFs and 16 videos. I decided to add this one as an extra bonus in case you decide to use the video tools inside of this software to rank for something different, though don’t let it distract you from your local marketing business as you will make a lot more doing that and a lot quicker. This can be used when you have time for a second income stream)

Get ALL Of The Bonuses Above To GUARANTEE Your Rankings with Local Vid PRO. Simply CLICK HERE!


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