Logo Genie Pro Review

Logo Genie Pro Review



Logo Genie Pro is fast becoming one of my must have tools! Here is my Logo Genie Pro Review and reasons that you will love this easy to use product!

Now firstly Logo Genie Pro is web based meaning no need to download any software onto your operating system which may slow your OP down. Being web based also means that you can log in from any computer anywhere!

As you can see below Logo Genie PRO Received one of JVzoo’s Highest Honors – The JVZOO TOP PICK!

Logo Genie Pro Review

Logo Genie Pro Review


Now I had been looking for a simple Logo Creator for a while now and when I found Logo Genie Pro I knew that this was perfect for me! Now I am always busy, either with work or Family so I needed something that could create good looking Logos quickly without too much hassle and without a huge learning curve and that is exactly what I found with Logo Genie Pro.

Now one of the reasons that I needed something like Logo Genie Pro was for my own use. I needed it to make catchy Thumbnails for my ever growing YouTube Channel and also to make catchy custom logo designs for my Instagram account and also for my various sites.



The small cost of Logo Genie Pro was definitely a huge attraction but it really was how easy to use that made me keep it and keep using it! Now on the sales page of Logo Genie Pro you will see a demo of someone making a very cool logo in about a minute but we know that sometimes sales pages make things look easier than they actually are but trust me when I say it is as easy as it looks!

Logo Genie Pro Review

Logo Genie Pro Review


Also another aspect that I love about Logo Genie Pro is that you can upload your own pictures to the logo creation platform and add them into your Logo Genie Pro logo.

I would recommend Logo Genie PRO for someone like myself as described in this review!

Now I thought that Logo Genie Pro would be great for is for anyone who has a reseller business or does Arbitrage as you could completely cut out the Arbitrage part and just do the Logo yourself…it really is that easy!

OK, So I guess you can tell that I really like Logo Genie Pro. Now here are some of the cool things that make it so special!

Logo Genie Pro Review

Logo Genie Pro Review


Logo Genie Pro has 300 Pre-made Templates divided into 15 easy to view categories and each one of them can be easily changed further by changing the colour or text!

Logo Genie Pro has well over 200 different fonts to choose from which means that you can easily change the font, move it around the canvas and change the size or colour!

There is also a good sized work space to work on and you can create an unlimited number of Logos. Meaning if you were selling these you could pump out as many fancy Logos as you want all day!

Logo Genie Pro also allows you to save them in 72 / 150 / 300 dpi which gives you full control over the quality of the ad definition and of course you can crop freely before downloading in either JPEG, GIF, PNG or even SVG.


Inside the members area where you create your logos there is a very useful Tutorial section as well as a support system (which I have tested twice and works great with quick helpful answers) and also there is the bonus section of new Templates which you can read about on the sales page of Logo Genie Pro.

Now if you are looking to get started in design or want to start selling Logos for super cheap or need something to create cool and quick Thumbnails for your YouTube Videos or Logos for your sites or even for your ad campaigns then I highly recommend trying out Logo Genie Pro.

If you need to resize (make smaller an image before uploading to Logo Genie PRO there are lots of FREE sites such as – https://imageresizer.com/




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