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I just received an early bird review copy of Maps Hero by Jack Hopman who many refer to as “The GodFather of Offline Marketing”. The last product he released got great reviews and I know of at least 6 people who are now making a fulltime income online because of his product Website Hero. Website Hero sold over 500 Copies and didn’t have even 1 refund…that is almost unheard of….



Anyway we are here to talk about and review Maps Hero which doesn’t officially launch until 07/14/2015 10:00 AM (US Central Time), but Jack has decided to give access to some people early. Maps Hero which I received an hour ago is a short to the point PDF with extremely clear steps on how to find and how to make yourself an invaluable person to your client.

Usually I read my review copies twice just to make sure that I am sure of what I am promoting but with Maps Hero reading once was enough. Maps Hero has very clear steps and lots of diagrams which are all labeled, I was going to post one of the diagrams because it gave me such an AHA moment but that wouldn’t be fair on Jack and Maps Hero.



So what will you learn in Maps Hero? You will learn how powerful and needed Google Business Listings are and how one small mistake can cost a business owner $1000’s of Dollars in lost business. Almost all the clients you contact will have no idea how to fix this problem or who to call and once this is pointed out to them you become their Maps Hero. Inside Maps Hero Jack shows a link so that you can contact a Google rep who will help you instantly, in the PDF Maps Hero he said that this is a contact that you will never find on Google so I spent 40 minutes looking for a contact and could not, one click of the link inside Maps Hero and I had the promised contact.

With Maps Hero you don’t have to figure anything out, it’s all been done for you. Maps Hero is the perfect “Foot in the Door” and you will build immediate trust with your client. For completing the task that will take you 30 minutes and can be done by only emailing the client the standard getting started payment is around $300 to $500 just to start work and remember this will be a client that feels that they owe you and will become a loyal customer. If I had a business and someone pointed out to me how many clients and business I was losing and offered to fix it you can be sure Id trust them from then on out.



When you are involved in dealing with “Offline” clients winning their trust is everything and having a repeat long term client is constant money in the bank. If you have read about me you will know that I got started by selling SEO, Logos, Headers, Videos and many other things. Even though I haven’t tried to find anymore clients for a while I still have my repeat clients who will only deal with me and at least once a month ask me to do some job which I outsource and that is what Maps Hero will give you!

So just to be clear Maps Hero teaches you about helping business’ fix or create their Google Business Listing and you can use this knowledge as a service to provide or as a foot in the door method. As explained in Maps Hero a simple email to show how much business they are losing because of their Google Business Listing will make them come running to you!

jack hopman


OTO 1 is the Biz Lead Finder (You will get access to 100,000’s of business’ which have not been contacted before and are perfect to contact, you will get an integrated autoresponder, a software that lets you know if the business has a Website or not and so so much more)

OTO 2 is called Local Theme Jack Enterprise (Everything that you will need in your theme and more, updated monthly – This is more than just a Theme, watch the video and you will be amazed)


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