Maps Master Review

Maps Master is finally here and is the creation of Jack “The Don” Hopman who is one of the masters of offline marketing online (meaning that what he teaches can be done completely online) even though you are targeting offline local business’. I have looked at many of Jack’s products and found ALL of them to be of a very high quality that will really help you get leads ready to do business.



Jack has made over 1 Million by getting leads and turning them into loyal clients who always go back to Jack to ask if they need anything, from more leads to a new logo or Website, now how does Jack do this? Well he finds a problem that he can fix for his clients which will bring them in more business and sales and builds an unbreakable trust and that is what you will be learning with the new Maps Master Video Course.


So let’s see exactly what you will be getting with Maps Master. Well firstly you will be getting 4 completely Brandable Videos, The Maps Master Videos are completely and easily Brandable meaning that you can put your own company Logo or Branding on them and you can also choose to have the maps master videos in Male or Female with either a USA, UK, Canadian or Australian accents. This means that you can easily choose any Country you want and test which Maps Master Videos work best for you.



Now before I go onto tell you more about what you get with the complete Maps Master course, you may be wondering what these videos are for…well this is about helping clients and business’ fix, optimise and verify their Google Business listings. Now as you will learn in Maps Master every business should have a Google listing and if they don’t they are losing out on $1000’s of Dollars a Month.

Now according to Google over 40% of business’ have still not claimed or optimised their Google listing and many of them have no idea that this simple miscalculation is costing them potentially $1000’s a Month. Now you probably know that someone searching for a service will very rarely go past the first page on Google but with an optimised Google listing they will be on the first page and start getting lots more sales and business in general. This is something that you can charge $500 for easily when you know the magic contact and the client will be more than happy to pay it.



Not only will the client be happy with you helping them with this job that takes you 30 Minutes but it is a step in the door for you to help them with other things that can help their Business such as SEO, Websites, Logos etc etc. Basically you have just made a customer for life using the foot in the door method, Maps Master.


Now that is what Maps Master is all about and as well as the Brandable Videos you will get custom tested emails from Jack and his team that have been split testing to make sure that you get the best results possible. Maps Master will also include a detailed PDF explaining in way more detail the Blueprint to success and how to find the right clients. Maps Master also comes with an Exclusive Training Webinar and a Facebook Group that is where Jack coaches his full time students.


In my opinion Maps Master is so full of training and client getting material that I am surprised that Jack didn’t create more OTO’s or Upsells….I have to Recommend this Inventive and Clever Client Getting Product.

OTO 1 is  “The Sales Dynamite Jack”. A powerful Sales getting method.

OTO 2 is “The Biz – Lead – Finder”. This shows you how to consistently find new clients.

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