Members Kit Review

Members Kit Review


Ease of Use




Value For Money



  • This is something that anyone can do in any niche!
  • Because Brett coded this himself you can be sure that there are no bugs and that their support will be on going!


  • Driving traffic was not really covered SO I added some of my favorite Traffic methods!

Members Kit Review – My first review of a Brett Retucky and Mike From Maine Product!


Recently I was in Portugal at a marketing summit and met both of the guys above. As well as doing a full Members Kit Review I will be saying a little about the characters of these guys!

When I first arrived in Portugal the day before the event I walked into the hotel and even before I saw a bunch of guys all sitting at a table drinking beers I heard my name being shouted.

Members Kit Review

Members Kit Review – Hanging out with Brett and Mike!


I had been recognized which was nice.

Among st the people there was Brett Retucky (Who was one of the speakers and was also there to film his JV video for Members Kit).

If you have been in the Internet Marketing space for a minute you will have heard of these guys.

They are Super Affiliates, product creators, as well as each having their own separate skills.

Mike runs the biggest Online Marketing talk show (Which I was invited onto this year to talk about my product launch, it was a HUGE honor and one of the highlights of this year)

When I went on before my launch I even went out and bought a new shirt ?

Brett is an extremely talented coder who not only makes software but makes them for himself and then sells them.

He also has a reputation for calling other people out on their lies and crap (It does not matter how big the name).

All in all they really do what they say and are just really all round nice guys that I had an amazing time hanging out with!

Members Kit Review

Members Kit ReviewI was actually very surprised to find that I hung around with Brett the most during that event.

He really is a top guy and so is Mike. Mike was always happy and joking and loves his life.

Members Kit Review

Members Kit Review


Just before I go onto talk about Members Kit, the reason that I got contacted this time was when walking to get dinner and drinks with Brett and Mike I asked why they never ask me to support?

I just was not on their JV list, now I am!

Now why do I really like Members Kit?

Firstly I am sure that everyone is thinking about the online marketing niche?

Well some of the biggest membership sites are in niches about everything from cooking to arts and crafts.

Basically you can use Members Kit to build a membership site around anything that you want. It is on my to do list as I see it as the final passive recurring income strategy.

Last night I spent all evening trying out Members Kit, I am no coder but it was easy to use, self-explanatory and if you did have a problem using it there are training videos that can be watched.

Members Kit is also self-hosted so that is all that you would need to get started besides some material that you want to show to your members is an idea on what you want your site to be about.

If I was using Members Kit I would go with the online marketing niche as that is what I know and can help people with the best.

Members Kit Review

Members Kit Review – Minutes and I have my own membership site set up!


Members Kit can also be used for any beginner or advanced marketer who has had the idea of a membership site but always ruled it out due to the techy aspects.

Now due to Members Kit anyone can start a membership site in a matter of minutes.

First step is to create your membership site name and a login page which took me minutes to do.

Then you can easily start uploading videos or PDF’s or pictures and use one of the easily customisable templates.

Next step is getting members which you can do from paid traffic to Free Facebook traffic!

The sales page of Members Kit tells you exactly what this software platform does and gives you lots of facts and figures about successful membership sites.

After going through Members Kit I have to say that I may bump this up my to do list as the idea of having a recurring income would be nice and I have plenty of ideas!

My final Members Kit review is that this may not be for everyone but if you take a moment and think about the power and ease of being able to make membership sites at will then it is most definitely something to think about.

There are only 2 OTO’s which is nice!


OTO 1 of Members Kit is Complete developer rights and gives you the right to create as many membership sites as you want!


OTO 2 of Members Kit is Intensive coaching by Mike and Brett to make you succeed with your membership site!




Firstly the Vendors Bonuses…


Clickback Rewards with unlimited agency resell access (A powerful traffic software that Brett created for his own business)


BounceBaby with resell rights (A powerful software to keep people on your site)


Giveaway/Resell rights to Brett’s “How I Make Money Online” course (A great course on how to leverage other peoples hard work to make money)


Now my carefully selected Bonuses Below…


Dominate Any Social media (main course PDF – Cheatsheet and Mindmap + 10 HD videos. This shows you how to use Facebook but also how to combine all social media channels to create free traffic and build a connected traffic source that you can use anytime)


23 of the best free traffic methods around (23 HD Videos which walk you through setting up these traffic methods. ALL are free and some are set and forget so you can use many of them at the same time. Never be stuck for free traffic again)


FIVE Full Facebook Training Courses with ALL OTO’s (These are all very different courses that contain 20+ PDF’s. 40+ videos on all the different ways to use Facebook to build a business. Including Facebook Lives, FB FanPages, FB ads, FB groups and SO much more. This is a huge amount of info that you can refer back to anytime)


2 SEO training products (main course PDF x 2 – Cheatsheet and Mindmap + 12 HD videos. These teach you how to start with SEO from a complete beginner to an all-star SEO expert. Nothing is left out and I personally refer back to these 2 trainings regularly!)


THREE Huge Files Of Every Kind Graphics You Can Think Of (These are packed into 3 huge ZIP files that you can use to add to your videos and green screens so that they come alive. Never be stuck for Graphics again)


ALL Online Ads (main course PDF – 24 HD videos that will teach you every type of online ads and how to use them to create massive income streams. Including Instagram ads, YouTube ads, Google Display ads, Linkedin ads and Facebook ads. This is a packed PDF and 24 video ultimate ad over the shoulder training)



Get ALL Of The Bonuses Above When You Get MembersKit Through My Sites Exclusive Links – CLICK HERE!






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