Micro Mail Formula Review

If you are into selling Offline services then you will want to listen to Micro Mail Formula. Micro Mail Formula is a new method of getting highly targeted clients who are actually asking for your service and one thing I learned from running my own Offline business EkkoResources is that once you get a client they will almost always stay with you and become a repeat client!



Now these days there are Hundreds of marketers sending out cold emails hoping for a response but they are using the same old techniques that will eventually get a response after sending out Hundreds if not Thousands of emails and that is where the Micro Mail Formula comes in.

The Micro Mail Formula is a tried and tested method of getting clients in any niche to sell almost anything but the best things in my opinion are things that will make your client get more customers. In the Offline service industry 1 client is worth a lot of money whether you sell SEO, logos, headers, graphic design, videos, can help with ads….and the list goes on and on…



Instead of having to send out the usual Hundreds of emails in the hope that you get a response besides “not interested, dont email me again” (which is what I write). The guys behind Micro Mail Formula tested it on 23 cold emails and got back an incredible response of 18 people interested with some of them already asking if they could provide an extra service…

I know from running my own Offline business how hard it is to write great email copy and this the Micro Mail Formula really surprised me because I am 100% sure that it will work. So if you are offering any kind of service that can bring a client more customers then I would definitely get the Micro Mail Formula.

What I also liked about the actual course Micro Mail Formula is that it is in a completely over the shoulder video series that will walk you through how to use the Micro Mail Formula and start bringing in big clients with a lot less work than you are used to. Remember you may have the best product or service but unless you can get people to see it then it is completely useless.


In the Micro Mail Formula video course you will be walked through the direct mail funnell set up, you will get to watch over the shoulder as successful Micro Mail Formula campaigns are constructed. Micro Mail Formula includes all swipes and letters that are used which alone is worth the price in my opinion without the video training (they could have used the video training as an OTO but did not so big respect to them).

With the Micro Mail Formula you will also get a ton of links that you will be able to use to seriously boost your conversion rates even higher.

Simply put, if you have an Offline business or sell services or are going to start doing so then you really should try out Micro Mail Formula

OTO 1 is called “Mass Mail Formula” and teaches you how to semi automate your cold emailing ( a rock solid OTO product)

OTO 2 is a $1 trial to the The Local Mastermind membership group. If you really want to get ahead like the guys who created Micro Mail Formula then you should really take a look inside the membership site which will give you answers to your questions and up your learning experience so much that the small price for the membership will seem like nothing.

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