Mobile CPA Dominator Review

Mobile CPA Dominator Review by Tyler Pratt

So as I have said on this site very often people have went completely CPA crazy and of course with good reason as CPA is probably the easiest way to make fast cash with very little effort.



Now what is even easier than making money with CPA is making money with Mobile CPA and that is where Mobile CPA Dominator comes in. Mobile CPA Dominator is a jam packed 30 page PDF with no fluff or filler that gets straight down to the reason that you are reading this, and that is making money with CPA.

“Tyler Pratt’s Products Suck”

Well that is not totally true, the above is what a client of mine said (I would never use the word suck, I’m Scottish). Anyway the reason that I don’t review all of Tyler’s products is that there are just too many of them. He always seems to be releasing a new product, sometimes twice a week and I read all of them and if I dont like them then I don’t bother reviewing them on my site.



BUT if I am reviewing Mobile CPA Dominator then it must be decent, right? Well actually yes. Mobile CPA Dominator is a very cut to the chase product that walks you through this new and ever growing market of Mobile CPA.

Tyler says in Mobile CPA Dominator that Mobile CPA is the future of CPA and I have to agree. The difference of how many clicks and impressions you can get using a Mobile traffic source compared to a regular PPC network is HUGE!

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So onto the actual PDF product. I have posted a picture of the table of contents that you get inside Mobile CPA Dominator but just to give you an overview, the first part is a complete overview of Mobile CPA and how you are going to tap into it and start having $1000 days, everyday.



Then Mobile CPA Dominator will show you which networks that will accept you and actually shows you one offer that will convert like crazy (no saturation here I promise). Then in very step by step detail with plenty of screenshots you will learn how to set up your first campaign and use something called “A Call Back” to super refine your campaign so that you have a campaign that is not wasting any clicks and your keywords will be laser targeted (this part was new to me and one of the reasons that I really think that Mobile CPA Dominator is a winner)




To round off Mobile CPA Dominator Tyler explains in easy to understand instructions all about split testing which is a crucial part of any CPA campaign if you ever want to really make the big Bucks! Mobile CPA Dominator is a solid product and maybe even one of the best from Tyler!


OTO 1 is a Done for you package which contains 50 Mobile site templates which will cut out your work by a huge amount and have you ready to be able to run multiple campaigns for as long as you want!




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