Mobile CPA Ninja Review

I have just watched the Mobile CPA Ninja video series and was actually quite impressed. This is not some quick PDF thrown together but a complete video step by step over the shoulder video training on how to cash in big with mobile CPA campaigns. Every video is clearly labeled and very easy to follow with no fluff or filler.



CPA is huge at the moment and Mobile CPA is a kind of closely guarded secret that most people who know about it keep it to themselves. Mobile CPA Ninja opens up all the little secrets to get you started with making profitable mobile CPA campaigns.

Now some people say that they make good money with Clickbank and Mobile traffic but I have tried that and I failed but last year before starting my IM review site I went through a stage of making quite good money with CPA and mobile traffic so I know that what is being taught inside Mobile CPA Ninja works.



What makes Mobile CPA Ninja even better is that it really tells you how things are and if you follow this complete video series you will make good money. When I was going through my CPA stage last year I would spend a few days creating profitable campaigns then cashing out and rather than reinvesting I spent it on other things that were needed in my personal life, then I had my arbitrage site to run so never really got back to Mobile CPA…but watching Mobile CPA Ninja brought it all back.

Watching the videos in Mobile CPA Ninja you will learn how the big CPA marketers are making a fortune by getting super cheap mobile traffic and converting that into massive ROI’s. Mobile CPA Ninja will teach you how to create campaigns that promote high paying CPA offers in the gaming and app install niches. This video course is one of the better step by step CPA money making methods (though remember that you will need a little budget for traffic to get started, though Mobile CPA Ninja will show you the best way to reinvest your profits until you are making $50 to $150 a day.



Here are some of the things inside Mobile CPA Ninja that in my opinion make it worth buying. Learn how to spy on your competition and reverse engineer their high converting campaigns. Uncovering the best traffic sources where you can get crazy cheap clicks. How to pick out the best offer and why sometimes it is best to pick out lower paying offers than the higher paying out offers (this will make sense once you have watched the videos)

Mobile CPA Ninja will show you how to take a look at the high converting landing pages and analyze the important factors. You will learn how to create and make simple high converting banners and why most of the time the ugly ones do best. At the end of every video are cheat sheets to help you get set up much quicker and so you dont get info overload (very useful and something you don’t see very often).



Mobile CPA Ninja will show you discount and coupon codes to get yourself set up as cost effective as possible and my favourite part which I should have done last year is you will learn how to scale a campaign from a $100 a day to $1000 a day to $10,000 a day..


OTO 1 is a complete done for you system revealing traffic sources, offers, banners, landing pages, ad placements and the best converting offers right now!

OTO 2 is a rolodex of over 300 of the best mobile traffic sources there is and also 50 ready made banners that all you have to do is plug and send traffic and watch conversations.




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