Monster Profit Formula Review

So Monster Profit Formula by Tyler Pratt…Now I like to be as honest as possible so I will just say it. This is a very old method that I first heard about 5 years ago but as long as YouTube exists then this method will work. I know a guy who makes a ton of money doing this and has signed some long term deals with certain people.



Now you just heard me say YouTube…ARGHHHH do I have to make videos???? Absolutely not, actually there is very little technical work involved in the basic method but you can take this system one step further and build a list so that you can use the methods inside Monster Profit Formula to market to the same people over and over again.

Now I told you that this is an old method but I have to admit that it is a simple one that you can almost copy and paste from Monster Profit Formula to start making money. What I like about the main method is that we are taking advantage of people who have no idea about marketing but at the same time you are also making them a bit of money…



Monster Profit Formula comes in a 26 page PDF with very big writing that will take you around 5 minutes to read but after reading it stop and think….if you can even make one agreement with someone you can make Thousands per Month and once you have made that agreement with a certain person all you have to do is look for your next target.

My friend who does this now has agreements with over 20 people (I asked before writing this review, he wasn’t very happy when I told him that this was out again to the public). He spends less than 2 hours a week maintaining his business, most of that is collecting his CPA commissions.

Monster Profit Formula really is a set and forget system and in my mind uses the power of 2 things…one is that most people who make videos do not know the first thing about marketing.



Secondly there are so many different types of offers on every CPA network and there are YouTube videos about almost every subject in the World and many videos receive Millions of views and Hundreds of comments.

This method is perfect if you dont want to learn much about building landing pages or anything Techy. It is also great if you want to build a super passive income (I will be honest, I had forgotten about this simple method but I am now going to do a bit of research and hopefully set up a few of these Monster Income Streams)

Monster Profit Formula is not a groundbreaking method and I first read about it over 5 years ago BUT it does work and sometimes we tend to overthink things but this is a method that works and always will….

OTO 1 is a Done For You Landing Pages (If you are stuck on how to
setup a landing page to capture emails or redirect the
traffic then these pages are for you.)

OTO 2 is an Over the Shoulder Video Training (If you are like me then you
need to see a video how this all works – Very useful)

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