NEWB Review

NEWB Review


Ease of Use




Value For Money



  • A very large database of WordPress themes and Plugins plus training!


  • The more training the better so I added in training that I know helps people who start selling on this platform!

A NEWB Review that will tell you exactly what this training and  Bunch of software does!


Hello Readers, Welcome to my NEWB Review. I will tell you right now that I almost did not review this but decided that my readers should know what this “New” system is all about.

Firstly the name NEWB is kind of like a nickname for someone who is new to Online Marketing, though you would usually write it as Newbie.

Now you know where the product name comes from and after my review you can decide if you are a NEWB or not!

NEWB Review


This is a product that is brought to us by Tom Yevsikov and team, Tom was part of a software launch called Live Event Blaster that I use very regularly so I know that he can put out great stuff

At the time of writing this the sales page is down (It will be back up in time for the launch starting) so I can’t really comment on what it says.

Yesterday I did grab 1 quick screenshot for this review and it says “First of its kind”, meaning that the product is first of its kind.

I will continue with my review, both written and video (Video is below) and we can decide if this is something that will get you results as a NEWB or not!

When you first log into the members area there are quite a few tabs that you can click, I went straight for the training section as that always gives me a very good idea if I will review or promote a product.

NEWB Review

NEWB Review


The training is based around using Freelancer sites though the example site that the guys are using is Fiverr which makes sense as it is the biggest and most well known Freelancing site out there and also has people from all niches and walks of life going there.

The last product that I did about Fiverr was called Magnetize which focused mainly on the self-help and improvement niche, something I know very little about besides I probably need a bit of Self-Help myself 😊.


The NEWB method is based around the results that one of the creators Sorin has been getting using the niche WordPress.

People are always buying WP themes on Fiverr (I have actually bought a few there myself).

What vendors offer is that they will install the theme for you which takes a couple of minutes and is explained in this training.

Now the reason that I decided to review NEWB is because as well as the training there is a large database of WordPress themes included which actually makes this a real beginners business in a box.

The NEWB training shows you all the steps that you need to set up your profile and how to optimise it for getting the most traffic.

Then how to deal with your customers and how to set your prices (nothing is 5 Dollars anymore on Fiverr).

NEWB Review

NEWB Review


Just from doing my own little search I can see that there is still a big demand for WordPress themes and WordPress installations.

In total I counted that NEWB has in its database around 105 WordPress themes and over 50 WordPress themes.

That is a lot and each has a detailed description of what kind they are and also you can view the demos of how the themes look before installing them.

So what you are getting with NEWB is a training course on how to use all of these themes and plugins on Fiverr or any other Freelancing site.

Also the amount of premium themes and plugins that are in the database make NEWB a very packed product.

Even if you decide to ignore the training and have an idea of how to use all of the themes and plugins yourself it still makes this a very packed package!

My final NEWB review is that with this amount of WordPress themes and plugins that you are allowed to sell together with the training make this a very good investment!

Let’ss do the OTOs now…


OTO 1 is called the PRO version!


OTO 2 is called Autopilot mode!


OTO 3 is the VIP Business Club!





Firstly There are 10 Vendor Bonuses That I have Included! (They are a combination of traffic, case studies and software listed below)


10K Clickfunnels Case Study!
No Cost Commission!
Build an Unshakeable Business!
Commission Fire!
60 Minute Profits!
Video Quiz Game!
Branding Secrets!
Traffic Secrets Unleashed!


Also Below Are My Own Bonuses From My Private Library That Suit This Product Perfectly!


Fiverr Blueprint (A 10 HD video course that goes into a lot more detail about using the Platform)


Fiverr Arbitrage System (11 HD Videos Intensive Training on how to use Fiverr to build an arbitrage business from Fiverr, also included how to list gigs from other platforms onto Fiverr)


High Paying Clients (PDF training – 8 HD videos the best practises to use to find and keep high paying clients. People buy from people and also will come back if you know how to!)


SEO Business in a Box (217 page eBook + SEO checklists + templates + SEO contracts + checklists + every document you need to run a successful SEO business, this is great if you want to start offering SEO services)


Ebook Maker (a WordPress Plugin that you can use to transform any post or page into an eBook – perfect for creating reports or PDFs to sell on Fiverr)


Backlinking in a Box (detailed PDF course – affiliate programs PDF – backlinks simplified PDF – autoresponders PDF – WP Theme – Another tool and business to expand your gigs or Freelancing work)


Brand Building Drilled Down (Full PDF training including – Cheat Sheet – Checklist – Lead Magnet and Optin Page – Images pack – This will show you the power of Online Branding and how to create a brand that people will remember)


ClickBank Squeeze Page Niche Pack (8 highly profitable sub niche packs that can be used to promote Clickbank products – Each pack includes Images – Each come with a powerful lead Magnet and a perfect niche squeeze page – Also I am giving you the legal rights to sell these on Fiverr)


Packed eCom Bonus (50 top selling physical products PDF – Physical product training – Facebook Training – WP Tee Plugin + Full Training – 70 Dropshipping and Wholesale Sources – A PDF Guide to Dropshipping – 2,500 best Selling Products in over 10 Niches.)




Click Here To Grab All The Bonuses Above Through My Sites Exclusive Link!







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