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Ninja Blog Booster is a 56 page PDF about creating and ranking and making money from wordpress blogs. This is for sure something that I know a lot about and was not sure that I would find much new info in…but I was wrong. Ninja Blog Booster has been completely updated for every little trick that is relevant to 2015. I have created over 150 wordpress blogs and I would have been glad to have this 56 page bible at my side.

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Ninja Blog Booster is divided up into 10 modules so it is very easy to follow and everything is explained as though you are new to the subject which even for me was refreshing to read.

Module 1 is a simple introduction of what you will learn in the next 9 modules.

Module 2 of is a module that many blog owners may find useful which is how to speed up your blog and some insider tips.

Module 3 of is a short part where we are shown how to use 1 very powerful free plug in to gain loads of extra traffic…(this is a plug in that I use myself)

Module 4 of is a detailed overview of how to install all the tools that you may need to get your blog purring like a lamborghini…

Module 5 of is all about getting posts and content that Google loves!

Module 6 of is a very interesting method of getting your blog visitors to stay on your blog and many more tips (great chapter / module)

Module 7 of is about what pages your blog must have and why and how to create them (hint hint…look at the legal pages on this site)

Module 8 of is my favourite and which I learned loads from and that is SEO and backlinking to rise through the search engines and gain even more traffic!

Module 9 of is about social media which I use a lot to rank my site. Social Media is very underrated but in the eyes of Google it is make or break. There also some free tools mentioned that are very useful!

Module 10 of is the conclusion and if you follow these modules or chapters then you will have a high ranking and profitable blog!

There are 2 OTO’s.

OTO 1 is a list of 30 plug ins that you can use to make your blog run even better and some that you really need!

OTO 2 is something that I would really recommend if you are just starting out and that is one on one coaching. I have done various coaching over the years and besides 1 very bad experience would say that with coaching you will fly past your competitors!! (you really should grab this, I have my own coaching students in regards to SEO and wordpress and I charge a lot more than Adrian Miszkiel)


When it comes to Blogging Products I must admit I am very picky about them because I know so much on the subject myself but Ninja Blog Booster is different and if you want to start a site or just start blogging then Ninja Blog Booster is a must. I dont normally rate products but I would give Ninja Blog Booster an easy 8 out of 10.

As always I have you covered when it comes to BONUS products, here is what you will receive – Finding the Money Keywords – Hot Niche Finding Formula – Instant Cash Formula – Social Media Marketing.

I prepared all these BONUS products especially to go with Ninja Blog Booster as they will help you immensely.

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