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A Comprehensive and Detailed Not Taught At School University Review or also known as NTAS University!


Welcome to my Not Taught At School University Review (Or NTAS University Review) for 2024 where this new training and tools serves as a Big Beacon guiding both beginners and seasoned marketers through a huge amount of strategies, tactics, and invaluable insights.

I have actually had my eye on this course and training for a while because I know and am friends with the creator, Mark Furniss.

I know Mark from his YouTube channel, from him posting on Facebook about different case studies and different methods that he always seems to be testing and even better always seems to be getting insane results from.

NOTE – The Image below is a message that I just received.

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Another reason that I really wanted to check out this course was usually when someone puts so much time and effort into a training course or platform you see them posting about it almost every day and constantly trying to get people to join but with Mark I rarely saw anything but his students posting results on Social Media.

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Not Taught At School University Review Headline
Not Taught At School University Review Headline


The reason for that In my opinion is that Mark uses a lot of these methods himself and is making such good money from the methods that he is showing and teaching and has case studies to back up that, this is just a way of helping and giving back to people.

So in my full on review, I’ll unravel the layers of the Not Taught At School University, exploring each module and dissecting the wealth of knowledge it offers.

Alright let’s jump into my full on written and video Not Taught At School University review.

Building Multiple Streams Of Income:

The journey kicks off with a crucial aspect of online success—building multiple streams of income.

This foundational module provides an overview and essential resources to set the stage for what follows.

Picking a Niche – Navigating the Path to Success:

Picking a Niche follows, guiding learners through the steps of niche selection, tools for finding one, and actionable steps to take.

Not Taught At School University shares personal insights, showing mistakes made in choosing a business niche and emphasizing additional planning.

Not Taught At School University Review Covers EVERY Type of Online Marketing
Not Taught At School University Review Covers EVERY Type of Online Marketing


Mindset – The Cornerstone of Achievement:

The course takes a detour into the psychological terrain of success with the Mindset module.

Aptly titled “Everything Begins Here,” it explores building self-confidence, fostering a winning mindset, and eliminating self-limiting beliefs.

Additional resources make better this segment, ensuring learners are not only equipped with practical skills but also possess the right mindset for success.

Affiliate Marketing – Your Gateway to Passive Income:

Affiliate Marketing is a cornerstone of the course, dissecting every part from initiation to mastery.

The module covers the Affiliate Funnel, Email Marketing Setup, Traffic Methods, and even a step-by-step guide for launching a Clickbank campaign, reaching earnings of $10,000 monthly.

The ClickBank case study is priceless.

Real-world insights are shown in each section.

Not Taught At School University Review Just a Few of the 100's of Testimonials
Not Taught At School University Review Just a Few of the 100’s of Testimonials


Amazon Affiliate Marketing:

The exploration of affiliate marketing extends to Amazon, unravelling the intricacies of high-ticket affiliate marketing and providing additional eBook resources.

The simplicity of the methods outlined makes this module perfect for marketers at all levels.

YouTube Training – Mastering Visual Content:

I actually think that the first time that I ever saw Mark’s work was when he released a low ticket YouTube product with a friend and colleague of mine about 6 years ago

The lessons that I learned in that product are the core fundamentals of one of my own YouTube channels which is now a completely evergreen channel.

YouTube is a tough to ignore platform for digital marketing and is not neglected.

If anything it is maybe one of the most detailed modules covering all types of YouTube marketing.

The module unfolds the process of starting right, delving into the basics, keyword research, and creating the channel.

What sets this apart is the attention to detail, covering video options, upload processes, and monetization strategies.

Students are shown to not only create content but do so strategically, understanding analytics and harnessing AI for completely “Faceless Channels”.

TikTok – Simplifying Opportunity:

TikTok, is broken down with “must-use tools,” strategies for gaining followers rapidly, and insights into leveraging TikTok for making serious and easy cash.

The detailed overview ensures learners are well-versed in the platform’s potential.

There is also a case study that I was ready to start as it takes a few minutes a day, no video creation besides the videos TikTok creates for you and is highly profitable.

Update – This is from Mark, over 30 days from TikTok (Though do remember that Not Taught At School University is NOT just about TikTok, TikTok is just a small part)


I watched the case study which show Mark and his Not Taught At School University students making over 1500 Dollars in 2 weeks.

Unfortunately this one method is country specific and the country that I am in is not in that list (Croatia), though the USA and UK are as well as Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.

Honestly a bit of a bummer as I have been trying to get TikTok to work in my favour for Months.

Starting An Online Agency – Blueprint for Entrepreneurship:

For those eyeing entrepreneurial ventures, the module on starting an online agency provides a detailed roadmap.

From the initial steps of set up, to running paid ads, the course equips learners with practical skills needed to establish and scale their agencies.


The Not Taught At School University, Printables module introduces a unique avenue for monetization, covering setup, customization, and software utilization.

The incorporation of AI for creating printables adds a next level twist, ensuring learners understand not just the process but also avenues for getting traffic.


Amazon Influencer Program:

Navigating through the Amazon Influencer Program is simplified, guiding users on getting started and finding products.

This module offers a clear pathway for leveraging the influence of Amazon in your marketing endeavours.

SEO and AI – Navigating the Digital Landscape:

Two pivotal aspects of modern online marketing—AI and SEO—are explained in great detail.

The AI section introduces ChatGPT and delves into its applications, while the SEO module covers everything from site crawling to creating a profitable course.

The depth of coverage ensures learners gain a high understanding of these vital elements.

Fiverr: Where almost nothing costs $5 anymore:

Over $6,000 in 3 months, step-by-step guidance, and insights into gigs that require zero skills—all part of the Fiverr module.

The course doesn’t just share success stories, it breaks down the methods, ensuring learners can replicate and customize them for their Fiverr journey.


The eCommerce module is a perfect for those venturing into retail arbitrage, print-on-demand, and drop shipping.

The course goes beyond basics, exploring the eCom formula for success, Amazon FBA, and Etsy profits.

Social Traffic:

Social traffic is a crucial aspect of online visibility, and this module leaves no stone unturned.

Threads, Facebook Reels, YouTube Shorts, and strategies for Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn are taught.

The inclusion of case studies and workshops provides real-world examples, making this section a very fast to action and to profit section.

Not Taught At School University Review More Testimonials and Income Shots from Students
Not Taught At School University Review More Testimonials and Income Shots from Students


Case Studies & Workshops – Real-world Success Stories:

For me the beauty of this course lies in the real-world testimonials and results from members.

From YouTube and Amazon success stories to traffic generation and recurring income, the case studies and workshops offer a look into what’s easily achievable.

The $50,000 Warrior Plus case study really shows the potential for substantial earnings.

PLR & Re-seller Licence Products:

The course concludes with a section on PLR & Re-seller Licence Products, offering a diverse array of options.

From eCommerce products to affiliate marketing and WordPress fast track, learners are equipped with products that can be customized and resold or used as bonuses.

We should also remember that there are new case studies added regularly and if Mark finds a new method like with the TikTok method I mentioned then he adds it to the platform.

The course combine expertise and real-world experience, ensuring learners not only grasp theoretical concepts but also understand their practical application.

This course is not a mere collection of random modules, it’s a roadmap to success in the digital world with whatever method suits you.

My final overall Not Taught At School University review is that In a huge sprawling mess of rushed, cheap, old, untested and just generally shitty online marketing courses, Not Taught At School University stands out as a practical, and insightful packed detailed and easy to navigate training course(s).

Whether you’re a novice looking to start an online venture or an experienced marketer seeking to refine your strategies, Not Taught At School University is a valuable asset in your arsenal, or maybe the last tool you’ll ever need.





AI Art Guru: Full video training course on how to create stunning AI art and sell it for a high price tag, this is everything that you need to take AI generated art and find the right places to sell it for a high price. I bought this for myself as a side income but for a limited time I am giving it to you as a bonus.


Instagram Shoutouts: Instagram is fast becoming 1 of the biggest social media platforms out there and this full PDF training and 11 video training detail how you can grow your Instagram and how you can use other peoples influence on Insta to grow your business and brand. Without a doubt, statistically if you are not on Instagram you are losing out.


High Ticket Coaching with me Marc: So I recorded over 1 hour covering how my own business runs and other ways of starting a business that you will never have thought about. How to set up a special kind of ad to always get traffic. How to get ahead, what to ignore. How to use AI to skyrocket your productivity and a LOT more. This is very limited and after a certain amount of sales I am taking it down. This will 100x your business whether a beginner or a more advanced marketer.


Paid Advertising Made Easy: Add rocket fuel to your video marketing with this guide to online advertising. Learn to leverage platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Google Ads for the maximum impact of your videos. Create a perfect video marketing campaign instantly and reach a global audience with paid advertising.


Pinterest Buyer Tsunami: Crack the Pinterest code to drive a tidal wave of traffic to your videos. Learn the art of making your viewers crave your offers on one of the world’s most popular platforms.


VideoSlayer: A must-have video plugin that enhances page load times, increases Google Page Speed Score, and replaces embedded YouTube and Vimeo videos with clickable images. It automatically creates playlists and adds corporate videos or product teasers to every video, perfect for branding and advertisements.



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