Offline Video Vault Review

Offline Video Vault taps into the craze for videos that Offline and Online Business’ are looking for to promote their company. Video is so powerful just now that people are happy to pay as much as 500$ for one video in their niche.

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With Offline Video Vault you will get a selection of 8 Offline niches that you can use to sell to business’ looking to add some entertainment or instructional videos to their site or to sales page or just to put up on YouTube with a link to their website below.

Getting clients is easy and there is a training to show you how to get clients within Offline Video Vault, and once you have made first contact and shown them what quality of videos they can get closing the sale is easy.



If you are stuck for getting clients then what I would recommend is trying out the Freelancing sites like People per Hour or Freelancer. In the last few months I have sold multiple niche related videos with a voice over. Offline Video Vault has the power to show you how to start making a good living online selling only videos. What I also really like about Offline Video Vault is that they supply you with Lead Gen Templates that are so easy to change to your specifications that it is as simple as clicking a few buttons…

I know this is a short review but there are so many videos to show you how everything works on the sales page that all that is really left for me to say is that these videos are in very very sought after niches and if you spend a few hours a day and only sell one of the Offline Video Vault videos depending on what your price is, lets say 350$, that is all profit and if you sell 4 or 5 of those videos a week in the beginning you are making a full time income!

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Lets just sum up what you get with Offline Video Vault…8 Offline niche videos ready to go and profit with, a customisable niche Lead Gen Template, Lead Gen Software Builder which makes making your own Lead Gens Super easy and a huge amount of Post Cards and Flyers. Offline Video Vault definitely gets my recommendation and I KNOW the potential of how much money you can make with this business in a box, Offline Video Vault!

There are 2 OTO’s. Both very worth the money if you want to take this business seriously!!

OTO 1 is 20 more extra niche marketing videos! Plus each video comes with a professional voice over!

OTO 2 includes 11 marketing videos that you can use to promote your services plus 2 PLR reports and more Offline Marketing Flyers!

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