Optimized Review Low Cost High Ticket Training

Optimized Review – Get high ticket coaching for a very low cost!


Hello Readers, Today I am doing an Optimized Review which is a product that I have actually had a hand in creating and putting together with my students and partners Will and Conor.

I met both Will and Conor inside of Ministry Of Freedom where I do a weekly group coaching call.

They both wanted to learn more, faster so they joined my own one on one coaching which starts at between 4000 and 5000 Dollars.

Optimized Review

Optimized Review


Both of these guys were hungry for success and with the amazing training inside of Jono Armstrong’s Ministry Of Freedom plus the extra coaching they were making life changing money in the fastest time possible.

So when they came to me with Optimized, I checked it out and thought YES!

Give people a taste of high ticket training for less than 13 Dollars….well I love that kind of quality.

Most YouTube products that you see are all about “launch jacking” which is basically product reviews.

Optimized is not about that.

Optimized Review

Optimized Review


In order to actually get started with reviewing products on YouTube you need to build up your channel first and there are a lot of tricks that you will only find in high ticket trainings or coaching programs that teach you how.

So when I saw Optimized and saw what these 2 guys had created I knew how much it would help people with a low budget get started and start having success fast.

So Optimized is about optimising those parts that you never see in any low cost trainings and how to do things the right way from the start.

Inside of this training you have everything laid out for you in a step by step manner and it is very easy to follow as lot so long ago both Will and Conor were completely new to the world of affiliate marketing.

The training starts with getting instant authority on your channel.

In Optimized you will be taught how to “Live stream” onto YouTube using a free software which instantly gives you a huge advantage.

Optimized Review

Optimized Review


Unlike many YouTube products you are shown the best way to do keyword research which will grow your channel with likes and subscribers faster than any product review or launch jacking product.

There are also 2 case studies which you can really see how this same method is working for both Will and Conor.

As an added bonus as well they put together a tool that allows you to create high converting videos without showing your face or even speaking which is another reason I loved this product…they thought of everyone.

You may have noticed the lack of reviews on this site over the last year and that is because it is becoming harder and harder to find products worth telling you about.

My final Optimized review is that with so many hyped up products that fail to deliver once you open them up this is based on 2 guys short but successful results in such a short space of time who paid Thousands to get there and now are sharing it with you.


There are NO Downsells in Optimized, only Upsells as the work and value in them in second to none.







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