Passive Income Ninja Review

Passive Income Ninja Review

This is an old outdated product. I highly recommend checking out this –

Passive Income Ninja is a product that claims lots of income from free traffic. Check out my Passive Income Ninja Review to see if that is true or not!

Now the first thing that I will say is that the 2 guys behind Passive Income Ninja are Fergal and Carlos. Now the results that you have seen on the sales page are from Clickbank and are true and correct, I checked on a live skype call.

Now how has Carlos been getting such great results with the Passive Income Ninja method? Well firstly for a change this is about targeting niches outside of Online Marketing / Internet Marketing.

Passive Income Ninja Review

Passive Income Ninja Review


You see very often people forget that some of the most profitable niches are actually outside of the IM or MMO niches and that is what Passive Income Ninja is targeting.

Now firstly I will tell you what the free traffic methods are. The first one is YouTube and the second is from SEO. Now don’t panic when you hear the word SEO as Passive Income Ninja is about building a full time business that will grow over the weeks and months without you having to do anything.

That is what Passive Income Ninja teaches us, it also teaches us that there are so many sub-niches that people just ignore when looking for something to promote as an affiliate.

There is so so much money in to be made using these smaller sub-niches and that is what Passive Income Ninja will be teaching you.

Also inside of Passive Income Ninja you will learn how you can start with a very small budget and grow your business so that you can start to build lists in different niches and be able to promote to this non marketing type of niche.

Now Passive Income Ninja does have a good section on choosing your niche and then going after the right kind of keyword.

Passive Income Ninja also teaches you how to get free or very cheap lead magnets and if you want you can start to build either free sites or WordPress sites in different niches that will pull you in a lot of passive affiliate sales.

Sometime when you have a site (either paid or free) you can leave it and do very little work on it and it will slowly rise through the rankings and end up being a huge asset!

Also inside of the Passive Income Ninja training is a very useful case study that shows you how Carlos sold of load of units in a niche that I didn’t even know existed. Well I guess I had heard of the action but had no idea that there was a product that you could make such good money from.

Passive Income Ninja Review

Passive Income Ninja Review


The Passive Income Ninja case study alone is well worth the price just to see what is possible with such weird and random niches!

Inside the members area of Passive Income Ninja there are 11 HD over the shoulder training videos that lead you from complete beginner to being able to get the Passive Income Ninja set up quickly and work on it as little or as much as you want!

I can honestly say that after going through Passive Income Ninja that it has given me the push and a lot of ideas to expand my businesses into different niches as the Internet Marketing niche is starting to get so crowded and one that everybody wants to get into.

Passive Income Ninja teaches you that there are so many other interesting and very profitable niches that you can build a video, site and list with…I get a lot of review copies of products and mostly delete them after reviewing them but I will be keeping Passive Income Ninja!

My overall Passive Income Ninja Review is one of surprise because this really shows you that in order to build a long term passive income you can really start from zero and just reinvest your profits into your business and create an Empire of little cash machines that just keep on spitting out passive income!


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