Piggyback Payday Review

The Creators Behind The ONLY Software To Get Product Of The Year Are Back. Read My Piggyback Payday Review To Completely Understand The Power Behind Piggyback Payday!


There is going to be lots to find out in my Piggyback Payday Review so keep reading to find out why this method and software is so powerful.

Piggyback Payday is created by Chad Rego and Tom E who brought us Arbitrage Underdog which is still selling and always will and has probably created more success stories than anyone other product.

Piggyback Payday Review

Piggyback Payday Review


As well as the Piggyback Payday software there is a massive amount of video training that could have been sold as its own training alone.

What Piggyback Payday does is to automate the whole process so that you can save yourself a ton of time and effort and concentrate on making sales.

The extensive training and software in Piggyback Payday is based around using extremely popular people on Instagram who have massive followings in certain niches to do a shout out for you.

Piggyback Payday Review

Piggyback Payday Review


Now honestly before trying out Piggyback Payday I had no idea what a “Shout out” was. Basically a “Shout out” on Instagram is when someone who has a following sends a message to all of their followers.

If someone has over 600,000 followers on Instagram (which is very easy to find with Piggyback Payday, I just ran a search for “Dogs” and found many people with followings that big).

So what you then do is contact them through the Piggyback Payday software and offer them a few Dollars to send a shout out with your affiliate link or niche related website to them.

The first thing that you will be thinking is if someone has such a big following then why would they do a shout out for 5 or 10 or even 20 Dollars?

Well the simple answer is that 99% of the people that you contact will have created that following for fun and will not be thinking like a marketer…and that is the difference between them and us. We think like marketers!

Piggyback Payday Review

Piggyback Payday Review


For the Piggyback Payday method I would recommend creating a niche website promoting certain products that are of course relevant to your niche but if you are just starting out you can use a cloaked affiliate link.

Now technically yes, you could use Piggyback Payday to promote digital products from Clickbank (Clickbank is an affiliate network that has almost every niche known to man covered and has digital products to match).

Personally if I was you I would use physical products such as products from Amazon or Alibaba.

One of he great thing about using physical products and this is covered more in the Piggyback Payday training is that on sites like Alibaba you can make money by offering the product for free and the lucky person only has to pay for shipping.

The reason that Piggyback Payday got created was a marketer called Jay Slomba had been having massive success using this method to promote Shopify products but he was having to work way to hard to find and send messages to these Instagram leaders.

He approached Tom and Chad and together Piggyback Payday was born. The guys have been a lot of testing and making money using the Piggyback Payday software so there is a ton of proof of actual sales.

Piggyback Payday Review

Piggyback Payday Review


So if you have been having a hard time getting started in eCom or Shopify or selling Physical products then Piggyback Payday is most definitely for you!

If you have been wanting to get started in the above but didn’t want to blow all your money on paid traffic then Piggyback Payday is a great way to get started.

Actually to conclude my Piggyback Payday review I have to say that this method has never been done as far as I know and I can see the instant power in it.

I really do believe that this has massive power and a little out of the box thinking could go a long way with this (though if you are not an out of the box thinker then the massive amount of real world training inside will lead you step by step).

Also just to make this even easier to get started I am including some rather amazing bonuses that fit together with Piggyback Payday just perfectly!


OTO 1 of Piggyback Payday (The PRO version) is really a must have as it has the ability to search for more people on Instagram and allows to you send them pre written emails from right inside of the software so that you never have to go to your browser.


OTO 2 of Piggyback Payday is called the Gold Digger version and allows you to search Facebook for the most popular and highest selling products so that you can save time finding what is hot or not!


OTO 3 of Piggyback Payday is 2 weeks of live coaching with Q and A plus a life time mastermind group for support and ideas!




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