PinBank Review

PinBank Review – A source of traffic that is so huge and will never cost you anything!


Welcome to my PinBank Review, I have to say that I have been excited for a while about PinBank because I have been looking for a new traffic source to use for a new “Information” YouTube channel.

I am already running paid ads but have not gotten to the stage where I can say that I am getting so much traffic that I have perfected this traffic method.

PinBank Review Headline
PinBank Review Headline


With paid ads I still don’t make the right ROI (return on investment)as there are so many moving parts and tons of data to gather before you start making consistent income.

If you get things wrong with paid ads then you lose money.

Now what if there was a method that took days to start seeing 100’s of views, weeks to start seeing 1000’s of views and Months until you started to see Millions of views without ever having to spend a penny.

Sounds to good to be true?

PinBank Review training area
PinBank Review training area


Well the reason that I am doing a PinBank review today is for 2 reasons.

Firstly I was going to buy it for myself anyway and secondly I have seen the numbers that people are doing with very little work.

Don’t get me wrong there is a bit of a learning curve but once set up you can use PinBank to drive traffic to anywhere or anything that you want.

Just before I go on, in case you have not realised what the traffic platform is then it is Pinterest.

While I only really use Pinterest for posting my videos to and website posts to gain a backlink I know the power of how much traffic you can really get if you know how to use it.

PinBank is not some hyped up product that is not really been tested, it has been being used by the creators wife since she started using it during the worst of Covid.

Also Pinbank comes from my friend Demetrious who came up with the idea of my favourite software that I still use today called Trafficzion.

I was actually looking for a good up to date training on Pinterest for a while, I was even going to happily pay 1000’s of Dollars to learn the secrets to free evergreen traffic.

PinBank Review software
PinBank Review software


Remember when you control your traffic especially when the traffic is niche specific (and in the millions) then its hard to not succeed.

Also this PinBank training comes with a software that helps with keyword research, that’s right Pinterest is now a search engine.

What this software does that I like even better is that it finds the highest watched and liked Pins for you so that you can create something similar or even use that same Pin.

I am incredibly excited about starting with Pinterest and doing it right, I have only had time to go through the review access that I got but as I wanted my own copy and own software I bought PinBank to support the guys and girl behind it.


Remember to watch my PinBank Review video below so that I can show you guys something really amazing.


There are only 3 main OTOs and they are so packed that it would take forever to list them all.





Print on Demand Business Blueprint (9 PDFs + 7HD videos + 2 product calculators + 50 DFY designs in 9 niches. This is a huge business blueprint that I will be following myself. This uses the huge amount of traffic from Pinterest and free platforms such as T-Spring and many others to create and sell everything from T-shirts to cups to jackets. All detailed training to get set up and grow your business to massive levels as well as including the upsells with 50 Done for you designs that you can just copy paste)


PinNicheBoost (9HD videos that are updated for 2021 Pinterest TOS. These walk you through the various niches that people over look and show you everything that you need to grow and make money from your Pinterest niche accounts)


Mega Pinterest Package (It took a Freelancer 4 days to put this package together for me which includes lots of secrets that you need to know about Pinterest including getting free software and Chrome extensions. Includes 5 PDF’s and 10 videos. This will make you an expert on Pinterest)


The Guide to SEO (main course PDF – Cheatsheet and Mindmap + 10 HD videos. This looks at covering some SEO evergreen methods. With this course you will be able to fine tune and rank any site or OR Pin by understanding the fundamentals of SEO)



Don’t Miss Out On Pinbank Today – Click Here To Access it!



4 thoughts on “PinBank Review”

  1. Thanks buddy, going through it myself. Great training and software.

  2. Hey Buddy, thanks for another awesome recommendation. I was like you mentioned using my Pinterest account just to get some backlinks for my Youtube reviews.

    I’m about to start an ETSY store to sell printables and heard that Pinterest is the best channel to promote the same. But had no clue where to get info or how to get around it.

    This course and tool are a great solution for my problem and Demetrious is indeed a good guy with excellent products.

    And with your awesome bonuses, it was a no-brainer for me to pick up Pinbank through your link. Looking forward to your next recommendation. Take care

  3. Thanks Lee, yeah I have been thinking about Pinterest for a while as a traffic source, now that I have I cant wait to get started especially as this is based on real results,

    Best to you mate,


  4. Hi Marc,

    Thank you for this, I have a few things I would like to get traffic too, and I believe this will be incredible. I have done Pinterest before without much success with another program I had, but this is exciting! I appreciate your honest reviews man, upward and onward!!


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