Pixelmodo Review

Find Out in My Pixelmodo Review Why This Latest Piece Of Software Is Really Worth The Small Cost!


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So its been a while since I did a review but I had to come out of hiding to do a Pixelmodo review as this is a piece of Software that has already replaced 2 software’s that I use on a daily basis!

I am sure that by reading the sales page you will already know what Pixelmodo does but the real question is, is it worth investing in?

There are a few free alternatives out there that do very similar things as Pixelmodo but in my experience these “free” software’s always have some hidden costs that appear just at the time when you have just got comfortable with using them.

Pixelmodo Review

Pixelmodo Review


Also of course owning your own software such as Pixelmodo is always better than using a free alternative, simply because its yours and if one day your free software changes then you are stuck!

Now I started playing around with Pixelmodo about a week ago and the first thing that I realised is that I will never have to go to Fiverr to get any of my social media or website designs done there EVER AGAIN!

Pixelmodo has basically replaced my need for any freelance designer, which is great because I spend a lot of money on outsourcing those things.

Pixelmodo Review

Pixelmodo Review


This morning while my Daughter was still sleeping I logged into Pixelmodo and shouted my tired Wife through and said “Can you design me an image for my review today”. I am thinking of buying this new software and want your opinion!

I didn’t allow her to watch any of the detailed videos on how to use Pixelmodo.

It took her about 40 seconds to design a quick logo with the text that I gave her (You can see the design in this review of Pixelmodo).

Now why am I telling you about my wife designing a quick logo this morning with Pixelmodo? Well I wanted to see what she thought and how quick she could she do it!

I regularly consult my Wife on my business and she handles a lot of my social media, including making cool little pictures for Instagram.

Pixelmodo Review

Pixelmodo Review


Anyway besides my Wife asking can I not get a review copy, she asked the cost of Pixelmodo and when I told her just over 20 Dollars she said BUY IT, it will save you a ton of time and money and I can use it for your social media!

So if you don’t believe me that Pixelmodo is worth having then believe my wife ?

Now I know that many of you are here to hear lots of detailed information about what Pixelmodo can do but as I said already everything is explained on the Pixelmodo sales page.

What I will do is tell you a few things that are straight from Dan (one of the creators). I asked him “Why is Pixelmodo better than a free alternative?”

He gave me a load of very good reasons but here are a few that I thought worth mentioning over any other free or paid software.

Firstly – Images via automated integrations 2.5M


Sub Folders

Quotes  via automated integration

Chrome Extension to port ANY image or text

auto-save feature

All free images

The above are all things that no other software similar to Pixelmodo has! Below are some of the many features that Pixelmodo has –

Some key distinctions are:


Drag and drop editor to build designs quickly

Add-on Chrome extension that allows you to take any image/content from anywhere and port it over in PixelModo to make edits

29+ design types supported (covers, thumbnails,-shirts T etc).

Social Integration – ability to generate images that will go viral

Access to 2.5M images via automated integrations (so plug and play)

Folders for each organization of designs

Autosave features for your designs, never lose your work

Access to + 1M Quotes database

Ability to upload own fonts

Collaborative share features with 3rd parties

Pixelmodo Review

Pixelmodo Review



In my opinion and why I feel that Pixelmodo is worth investing in is that Pixelmodo was designed by guys who really know what they are doing.

Just using Pixelmodo you feel the quality and ease of use. I also love the premade templates for everything from creating Facebook page covers to creating a standard size T shirt design!

I also love that with Pixelmodo you can use this software to actually start a business as a Freelancer and create logos and banners for other marketers or for really any business offline or online.

Or like me you can just use it to save yourself money from having to hire graphic designers! My overall Pixelmodo Review is that this is the best software for what it does that I have seen in a long time!

There are 3 Upsells with Pixelmodo though the version that I have been using was the main front end product and it was more than I could ever need!


Upsell 1 of Pixelmodo is called the PRO version and has a few extra features that will come in handy for the more experienced designer!


Upsell 2 of Pixelmodo is called Monthly club!


Upsell 3 of Pixelmodo is called Agency 20



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