Print Monkey Review

Print Monkey Review


Ease of Use




Value For Money



  • Runs smoothly and has massive value!


  • Unless you buy the OTO there is very little traffic training SO SCROLL DOWN to check what I am giving away as Bonuses!

Print Monkey Review – This is my first product review in a while so I made sure that this is was worth my time!


Hello Readers, Welcome to my Print Monkey Review. Recently there has been a lot of hit and miss products coming out by all vendors including Brendan (whose product this is).

I actually have not been working due to personal reasons, my dog of 11 years got a bad Kidney problem and I had to make the choice to end his life…so we have all been in mourning, but I have still been glancing at the review copies sent to me.

Print Monkey Review

Print Monkey Review


I had no idea what to expect from Print Monkey but went through it just to see and was very pleasantly surprised with this.

I think that the last product that I reviewed by Brendan and team that I got a lot from was 7 mins sales machine which I tested out.

As the sales page says creating a promo can take a while.

You need to have the right offer, create a video or write a blog post, make a bonus page, deliver your bonuses and on and on.

Print Monkey Review

Print Monkey Review


Inside of Print Monkey all that you have to do is add your affiliate link into the software and name your campaign and everything is created for you.

When I say everything I mean that the video is created for you, the bonus page is created for you and the thank you page is created for you.

As you are getting the thank you page, that also means that you are getting ALL of the bonuses that are on the bonus page so you can have a look at them if you want to.

What Print Monkey does in regards to creating unique bonus pages and giving you the bonuses to giveaway is in itself a fantastic time saver especially as the bonuses are all very good and products that sell 1000’s of units of.

Print Monkey Review

Print Monkey Review


So even if you are not interested in using the software to create bonuses you are getting access to 30 sets of bonus pages.

Trust me when I tell you that creating the bonus pages and getting the bonuses for them is hard work and takes time, I am not exaggerating.

Recently I timed myself to do a full written review, create a YouTube video and put together all of the bonuses.

That took me just over 4.5 hours and that is not including the time it took me to rank my video and website.

So having 30 campaigns ready to go is an incredible time saver.

Also the videos are short and to the point and the bonus pages are nice and clean with some great bonuses on them.

Print Monkey also is totally self-hosted so that you don’t need to invest in hosting.

I use Siteground Hosting and while I love it, it does cost money.

With Print Monkey you don’t need to worry about that at all.

So many products that I have looked at recently have been over complicated and a lot of them rather hyped up on the sales page so by the time you get to your purchase you have no idea where to start.

In my video review I will show you the OTOs AND the down sells so that you know what you are getting and how much money you can save.

Print Monkey Review

Print Monkey Review


Included with everything else that you get with Print Monkey is Brendan’s Urgency Suites PRO and a full training section where Brendan tells you the code to getting instant approval and some of the traffic methods that he recommends.

To make Print Monkey even better I am going to include the best traffic methods that I use PLUS something NOT TO be missed.

The traffic methods that I use and work for me.

The only real negative that I can think of about getting Print Monkey is that you have high converting products to promote…

Great looking bonus pages.

Brilliant and relevant bonuses to give away.

The only real problem that I see is getting targeted traffic to your bonus pages.

So let’s sort the traffic part out for you and get you started making your own affiliate sales quickly.




So rather than list all of the bonuses that I have for you here you can check out ALL of my bonuses by clicking below.

All of the bonuses from my private collection are traffic bonuses as I think that in the FE (main product) there is not enough traffic training.

So as I always do, I added what I thought was missing.

Another thing that I have done which really is time sensitive because I could get in a lot of trouble offering you this.

When Brendan launches a product he gives affiliates access to one of his best products called “The Bonus Vault” and we are only allowed to offer 4 of the bonuses inside.

It’s a great product full of 40 products and softwares that you can use with graphics to giveaway OR you can just get full access to all 40 products for a LIMITED time when you get Print Monkey through my site.


If You Would Like To Check Out ALL Of The Bonuses That I am Giving Away To Make This Product 10x Better then CLICK HERE







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