Private Reserve Review

Private Reserve Review


Ease Of Training




Value For Money



  • Easy to follow training that you can use as an extra Income stream or build out to a full business!


  • Selling a domain with a website is more effective so I have included 20 full WP ready to upload sites in 20 niches (Scroll to the bottom to check them out)

Private Reserve Review…Is this just another domain flipping course or something new?


Hi Readers, both new and old! So in my Private Reserve Review today, which I only got access to 1 day before Private Reserve goes live I want to find out if this different or just a repeat of previous courses!

So the first thing that I will say is that Private Reserve is based around selling domains on Flippa dot com which you buy at a low cost and sell for as much as 1000 times what you paid.

Private Reserve Review

Private Reserve Review


Now the reason that I only just got my Private Reserve review copy is that Flippa just changed a lot of their settings on their platform so the guys behind Private Reserve (Trevor Carr and Lance Groom) had to change their training!

I am going to explain this process and training as though you are a complete newbie to marketing online.

So firstly Flippa is a huge platform where people sell websites and domains to other people. One of the first things that I ever did to make money online was sell a few websites on Flippa (I also bought a few).

Private Reserve Review

Private Reserve Review


Private Reserve is a complete video based training course all done in an over the shoulder style that is really easy to follow.

In the members area of Private Reserve there are 18 videos (one is a Live case study, which I really liked) and also a PDF of all the new changes that Flippa have made.

The Private Reserve training is very step by step and is perfect for complete beginners and also for more advanced marketers who don’t know much about selling or flipping domains.

Private Reserve Review

Private Reserve Review


One of the first things that I wondered about was how to find these domains for 10 to 12 Dollars and then sell them for 1000 or more.

I was glad to see that the guys showed us their exact method that they use to find these Golden Nuggets.

Some of the other things that Private Reserve will teach you is how to set up your Flippa account (which is free to do)

Setting up your portfolio, do’s and Donts, dealing with your competition, getting paid, relisting your domain, some super selling strategies and basically everything that you need to know about becoming a successful Domain or website seller!

In the Private Reserve case study you are shown Live how Lance (The actual product creator) was able to sell a domain that he bought for 12 Dollars for 1000 Dollars by tweaking a few things in his listing.

After watching that case study first I was impressed enough to watch the rest of the training. I always thought that domain flipping was more like a little hobby to earn some extra money but Lance shows in Private Reserve that you can make serious cash doing this…

Private Reserve Review

Private Reserve Review


You can of course just use the Private Reserve method when you need a bit of extra money or have some spare time!

I went into this review expecting to see the same things being taught in the last domain flipping course that I reviewed called 60 Minute Flips BUT this was a lot better and is totally updated with the latest changes that Flippa have made.

My final Private Reserve review is for the small price of around 10 Dollars this is most defiantly worth your time and money, and with the bonuses that I am giving away will 10x your profits.

I will explain more but when you sell a domain with a fancy website on it, it will always sell for a LOT more. So check out my bonuses below!

I don’t like too many upsells or OTO’s and Private Reserve has 4. My opinion is that you don’t need any but if you can afford a few or want to take this really serious go for OTO 2 or 1!


OTO 1 of Private Reserve is Cheat Sheet Rolodex & Templates!


OTO 2 of Private Reserve is Advanced training!


OTO 3 of Private Reserve is Licence rights!


OTO 4 of Private Reserve is called high ticket flips!







20 full data base WordPress Websites (These are full WP sites in 20 of the top niches that you can simply upload to your domain to make the domain shine and bump up the price right away)


Domain Flipping Cheatsheet (Created especially for Flipping or selling domains or websites. This is a quick and easy way to keep things in order)


Advanced WordPress Video Training Strategies (A full 16 video training series on how you can use WP with and all free tools to create a website quickly and easily, great training to have)


Time Limited Countdown Timer (Put this on any page to make people buy or bid as fast as possible. This counts down the moment that a visitor hits your page)


WordPress zero to hero marketing (31 HD videos that will show you the power of using WP. Starts from complete beginner to expert site builder)


Marcs Pinterest Mega training (Traffic is ALWAYS important and Pinterest is a way that many people over look. I created this with my VA to show everything that Pinterest can do. Includes 5 PDFs and 19 videos. Including chrome extensions and software that you can use)


Niche Marketing (main course PDF – Cheatsheet and Mindmap + 10 HD videos. People very often get into the wrong niche for the wrong reason. This will help you to focus on choosing the best niche for you and the most profitable)


Grab The Bonuses Above and Private Reserve when You CLICK The Link HERE!







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