Product Launch Profits Review

This Product Is No Longer Available!

Product Launch Profits is finally being released by Fergal Downes who releases a new product every month at least. Many of his products have to do with Fiverr but Product Launch Profits is his complete method of how he creates these simple products and creates a 100,000$ a year business.

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This is a web based product meaning that there is a members area with over the shoulder videos and links to all the tools you will need. I would say that Product Launch Profits is Fergus’s golden jewel of products. He really is giving away the keys to his money making system which you can easily follow.

The videos in Product Launch Profits go over everything needed to create your own monthly ‘Micro Products’, how to build an army of affiliates who will always be ready to promote your products. Within Product Launch Profits Fergus also teaches us how to build a buyers list while at the same time selling a load of products.



Product Launch Profits teaches us that it doesn’t matter if you are new to Online Marketing, anybody who buys this course will be well on their way to building an army of affiliates and creating quality products that people can not resist!

Click Here to see while Fergus Logs into his own affiliate and product sales and you will see that he is practising what he teaches!

Product Launch Profits doesn’t just teach you how to create your own products, create your own high converting sales pages and build a list of affiliates but also teaches us how to build a very responsive buyers list that, that alone can bring you in a full time income.

Fergus will also stand by Product Launch Profits by being their in the members area to give you the help that you may need. You may think that product launches are daunting but I promise you that with Product Launch Profits you will see how easy and set and forget it really can be!

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There are many Product Launch products out there but in my opinion this is one of the best! Why? Well besides having the over shoulder videos in the members area, Fergus really does this for a living and makes an amazing living out of it! If you are going to be learning something new then you should really learn it from someone who knows what they are talking about and has experience in that field which Fergus has and shows in Product Launch Profits.

There are a few OTO’s in Product Launch Profits (which is taught about in the members area)

OTO 1 is about List Building w/Squeeze page included! (great addition and will save you a ton of time!)

OTO 2 is about Video Traffic (which is again a very good product OTO). We all know how powerful Video is!

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