ProfitJackr Review

ProfitJackr Review

A new software has been released called ProfitJackr and it is in my niche. Check out my ProfitJackr Review.

Now firstly ProfitJackr is more than software, it also includes the Profit Academy 8 module HD over the shoulder video training so ProfitJackr is more a complete business in a box.

ProfitJackr Review

ProfitJackr Review


Before we go on any further I will tell you that this course and powerful software are used mainly for Launch Jacking which is part of my business (though with the ProfitJackr software I see no reason why you could not use it for other projects)

For those who don’t know what ProfitJackr and launch jacking is, it is promoting affiliate offers either through blogs or videos. Mostly it is up and coming Internet Marketing products that ProfitJackr targets as there is always a big buzz around these launches.

What generally happens is that someone hears about a new product and goes to Google and searches for “Product Name Review” and that is when you want to have your video or blog on the front page of either YouTube or Google and with the tremendous back linking power of ProfitJackr that is a lot easier.



ProfitJackr has a lot of features including the 8 module training. Other features of ProfitJackr include being able to add your blog or video into the software and use the power of multiple PBN’s (private blog network) which are already included set up in the ProfitJackr software.

ProfitJackr also includes a one click content scraper which can be used to build more backlinks and ProfitJackr will also pull text from videos to create even more backlinks.

ProfitJackr is a web based software so you can log in anywhere in the world from any computer which means that you can run your business from anywhere you want!

ProfitJackr Review

ProfitJackr Review


One of the quickest ways to get started with ProfitJackr and launch jacking is by using video. Now many people hate making videos or cannot afford the software.

Well I am going to make it even easier to get started with ProfitJackr because I am giving away some software that I own so that you can make your own videos using images, text and even text to speech.

Everything that you need is inside the ProfitJackr software even a list of upcoming launches that you can prepare to target!

As I have said before this exact same system is what my high paying students learned and were very happy because they made their first full time income online from this method (except they learned it completely manually of course) but if you have ProfitJackr and my bonus video creator then you will be beating the competition and having everything done for you to make a full time income online!

My overall ProfitJackr Review is that this software along with the video training (and my bonus of a video creator) is everything that you need to get started making good money every day online with this method.




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