ProfitName Review

ProfitName Review – A very useful way to sell and start your own domain and hosting business!


There is no doubt that domains combined with hosting is HUGE business so enjoy my ProfitName Review and lets look at the ways that we can use this software.

As I said there is a huge demand for domains and hosting, people buy domains and hosting every single day and getting into the domain and hosting niche with your own website can make you a lot of money.

I decided to have a look at ProfitName because underneath all of my YouTube videos I have a link to a domain website and a link to a hosting website where I would get a Commission if somebody buys but how much more professional would it look to have your own website that sells domains and hosting.

ProfitName Review Main Headline
ProfitName Review Main Headline


The other great thing about ProfitName is that you are able to give people a much better deal than websites like GoDaddy.

In the past Godaddy have cost me thousands of dollars by not letting me know that my domain was expiring and then just one day after it expires they would try to charge me over $1500 to get it back.

This is just horrible marketing and bullying, which is why I hate Godaddy.

ProfitName Review Backend
ProfitName Review Backend


With ProfitName what you are basically doing is you getting a fully optimised website with domains that get an instant affiliate sale from and whatever amount you want to add to that that domain and it will still be cheaper than GoDaddy or Namescheap!

You can then keep the profit on that domain and while people are on your domain website there is absolutely no reason that they will not click on the hosting Buy Button and again that will be your affiliate link.

Another thing that I like about Profitname is that it is an evergreen affiliate business which I spoke to you about in my last review and my regrets of not starting more recurring and evergreen income streams before…

There are lots of different ways to drive traffic to your domain and hosting website or you can have it on your website or underneath all of your YouTube videos and that is exactly how I will be using ProfitName myself.

Yes I will be using ProfitName myself, as it looks much more professional than just a link especially as your new domain website has some cool tools for finding the best domain for you.

ProfitName Review HeadLine
ProfitName Review HeadLine


Another reason that I like ProfitName is that it is simple arbitrage, you are taking domains from a very cheap website that not many people know about and you are offering those same domains for a slightly higher price so you are not cheating anyone you are just providing them a better service than GoDaddy or Namescheap.

Also if people buy hosting from you then you can put whichever hosting you prefer and have maybe used and you will get a Commission from them from recommending them.

All of this can be done from one central location which is your website which is what profit name is you get a website that is fully optimised and all you have to do really is add your affiliate link for the domain provider and your choice of hosting provider.

Prophet name also has some very cool little features like domain Finder domain generator and a back end SEO tool.

ProfitName Review Main Site
ProfitName Review Main Site


So after looking over ProfitName and with my negative experience with some domain providers and hosting companies I really like that people are able to control and recommend the best domains and the best hosting themselves whilst building a business and making money.

My final review of ProfitName is that for the price for a fully loaded website with domains and hosting you really can use this in so many ways.

You can use it under content you already have, content that you’re going to be creating or you could even use paid traffic or social media. This this is only limited by your thinking.





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  1. Hi Lee,

    Yeah I use it now to recommend on my new YouTube channel domains and hosting, not a fan of the creators but this IMO is decent and can be used with different traffic methods,



  2. Hi Marc. I recently about ProfitName from you but as yet haven’t completed the set up due to being busy and other commitments. I just wanted to know if you were having any success with it yet? I am not sure exactly what the best way to promote this business is etither as I don’t have a large social media following. I was thinking of using paid ads for this, what do you think? I have also just purchased Bing Bang Profits 2.0 from you as well, and was wondering if this may also be a gppd way to go with this? I look forward to your reply. Thanks

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