Project Commissions Review

Project Commissions Review


So I know that Project Commissions has been out now for a few days so excuse my late review of Project Commissions. Now the sales page of this product is rather blind which if you have read any of my other reviews you will know that I am really not a big fan of Blind Sales Copy…if I am buying a product I like to know what it is that I will be doing to make the promised amount of money!

Project Commissions Review


So with that being said I will be showing you and telling you what you can expect to find in Project Commissions. Project Commissions has a very nice well laid out and easy to navigate member’s area which consists of 6 HD videos, there is a page called Bonuses but that should actually be Bonus as there is only 1 Bonus that I could see and also Project Commissions has a very responsive Ticket Desk which I tested out and got an almost immediate response from which is a big plus for Project Commissions.


Now the creator of Project Commissions is a rather successful marketer called Nick Marks. Now I don’t know Nick and have never reviewed any of his products before but I have to say that I have never heard a guy talk so slowly or in such a boring tone.



Now I know that how Nick talks in Project Commissions really has nothing to do with the quality of his new product, Project Commissions, but I just thought that I would mention it as if you like to digest information quickly like I do then you may find yourself forwarding the videos which of course would be a mistake as you could miss some valuable info about the Project Commissions method…

So the sales page of Project Commissions promises that you can make $200 per day using only 90 minutes a day, now while this may be possible I would have to say that you would most likely need a bit more time. Now the reason that I know or think this is that I use similar methods to what is taught in Project Commissions.


Project Commissions is by no means ground breaking and if you have been around the Internet Marketing space for a while then you will know the Project Commissions method. Project Commissions teaches you how to create free videos and promote products that have just been launched (Basically Launch Jacking but with a twist).



Now even though how slowly Nick talks in Project Commissions, what he is teaching does work and I know of many people who have made their first money online by using the methods in Project Commissions. This method is very similar to what I do on this site, though I prefer to write a detailed review and add a video as an extra, but as said before many people make good money from using this method.

Now my overall Conclusion of Project Commissions is that what is being taught does work though many people have created similar methods but with Project Commissions you are getting the most up to date and current info…I did think this product worth reviewing even though as I said before it is nothing completely unheard of before, though with that being said if you follow the simple steps in Project Commissions you will very likely make sales and you can create a full time income from this.

I guess for our Project Commissions Review that we can say Simple but Effective!!!


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