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I have reviewed many traffic products but I have to say so that so far Proven Traffic Sources is the most complete full product that I have ever seen in a while. The main members area of Proven Traffic Sources has 11 videos of Free Traffic methods with real quality videos about methods that you may know but theres quite a few I didn’t know of.

members area


In the same members area of Proven Traffic Sources just below the free traffic sources are another 2 over the shoulder videos about Paid traffic. I should mention that all the videos are over the shoulder and you can follow along very easily, even for newbies!

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Then again in the same members area below the videos above are another 8 videos called the Offline method. These videos in Proven Traffic Sources are all of the same quality (which is over the shoulder high res).



So the front end product of Proven Traffic Sources basically covers every type of traffic you will ever need in easy to follow format with many clever tips and tactics thrown in. There is of course the welcome video which explains what is what and how to use Proven Traffic Sources to your best advantage!

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Also thrown in are multiple bonuses if you act fast such as Proven PPC Techniques which is also a video course full of great info. Another bonus of Proven Traffic Sources is Proven Social Traffic, another in depth traffic course and the final bonus of Proven Traffic Sources is a YouTube video course of great quality.



Proven Traffic Sources is unlike any product that I have seen before in that it shows us so many different types of traffic and how to use that traffic in the best way! This is a product that any type of Marketer would be grateful for. If you are into CPA you will find out in Proven Traffic Sources how to get super cheap traffic and also how to get completely free traffic. If you are a blog owner then the traffic that you can drive to your site(s) will astound you!!

If you do a bit of Offline Marketing then you will find out new ways to get clients, ready to buy what you are offering and how to get so many leads that you will have to decide which to use and which you have to leave. Proven Traffic Sources is also perfect for list builders, you can use free or paid sources though with all the great free sources why spend your money?!

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If you are in need of traffic then you can NOT AFFORD to miss Proven Traffic Sources and the amazing bonuses offered!

Proven Traffic Sources is the Ultimate Traffic course that you will be referring back to for a long time to come.

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There are 2 OTO’s which I recommend very highly.

The first OTO is called Proven AutoPilot Income and it is an incredibly detailed video system on how to create a passive income with 21 videos all laid out in an easy to use and easy to follow system!

The next OTO is called Proven Traffic Avalanche and is only 2 videos but it is a case study method that uses video. Very Very Powerful!!

Watching Proven Traffic Sources and the OTO’s really make you think what you have been missing out on in terms of Traffic. Proven Traffic Sources is a product that any Internet Marketer SHOULD HAVE.

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While writing this review I was thinking which Bonus product(s) should I Give to You Guys?

I decided that this Product is so full that I will be offering 2 NEW Bonus Products to make it impossible not to Buy!

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Video Profit Masters (my own product on sale right now and it will help with the Bonus method in this course!!!!!!) –

Adsense Blueprint (11 over the shoulder videos and the OTO video) –

Affiliate Anarchy (main course PDF + the rolodex) – 

Affiliate Cash Secrets (4 Main course PDF + AutoMaticMoneyMachines PDF + Free Traffic Secrets PDF) –

Authority Hi-Jack 2(the software + user manual) –

Batman Money Technique 2015(includes website + 4 main course PDF’s and the OTO) – 

Bing Traffic Course (7 step by step Videos) – 

Buyer Keywords Profit Formula (Main PDF Course) – 

Google Adwords Made Easy 2015 (16 Over the Shoulder Video Course + Mind Map + Main Product PDF + Cheat sheet + Training Guide + Special Report and Many Extras) –

Hot Niche Finding Formula 2015 (Main course PDF) –

Page One Ranking Formula (Main course PDF) –

Extreme List Building 2015 (4 course main PDF) –

Facebook Marketing Service eClass 2015 (Main Video Course + Many Extras) –

FB Cash Formula 2015 (7 Over the shoulder Video Course + 2 Squeeze Page Videos + Cheat Sheat + Main Course PDF + Lead generating Report + Email Swipes and Many Extras) –

Social Media Marketing 2015 (main course PDF with article pack) –

Solo Ad Basic 2015 (5 Over the shoulder Video Course) –

Timeless List Building 2015 (main report PDF + done for you squeeze page) –

Traffic Excellence for 2015 (6 over the shoulder video course including, Facebook, YouTube and Pinterest + MindMap + Cheat Sheet) –

Ultimate Link Building 2015 (main course PDF) –

Ultimate Solo Ads 2015 (main course PDF) –

Untapped Traffic Formula 2015 (main course PDF + OTO) –

Hot Niche Finding Formula 2015(main course PDF + OTO) 

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