Pullii Review

Pullii Review


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  • I can't think of any as long as you follow the course!

Pullii Review

Today I am looking at a rather exciting method called Pullii. Now here is my Pullii Review. Firstly the sales page has lots of proof of the amount of traffic that Greg and Stefan are getting. Now Pullii is not just about getting traffic though that is a big part of this method.

After going through the full course of Pullii which took me a while because there is so much good information in the member’s area. Now the case studies alone are worth the price of this course itself.

Besides the 3 case study videos there are 4 modules which each contain from 4 to 12 high quality training videos that include everything from niche research to content research to the actual core of Pullii which is about using a certain social media platform to get laser targeted traffic from any niche to basically anywhere you want to send it.

Pullii Review

Pullii Review


Now because the sales page of Pullii does not tell you what the actual platform is I will. Now firstly I will say that I know very little about this platform and even though I do post pictures of products that I review on this platform I can never actually think of a time when I got direct traffic to my offer or site.

That all finished today when I started using Pullii which is about pulling traffic from Pinterest to whatever niche you want.

Already today after using just a fraction of what I watched in the intensive over the shoulder training videos I am starting to get comments and sales and have already seen a big sudden jump in traffic!


Now that is impressive considering that a few days ago I thought that Pinterest was a useless platform for people with dog pictures and pictures of silly quotes or sayings but if you follow the step by step training in Pullii this course is a real game changer.

You may remember me complaining about the lack of good quality original products out at the moment…well Pullii rises above everything that I have seen for a long time when it comes to a long term system that can literally pull in Hundreds of Thousands of laser targeted traffic and besides the actual part of intensive traffic training in the Pinterest Pullii traffic part, there is a training series on everything that you need to build your business.

Grab Pullii Today By Clicking Here – All Bonuses Included 

Now when I say that this a long term system what I mean about Pullii is that you will be able to get everything set up and start making money quickly while at the same time creating a hugely profitable business empire that will continue to grow and grow…

It is not often that you get so much good proven training that you can start from ZERO knowledge to growing a full time income!

 Now I like to think that I have seen everything when it comes to traffic and Online Marketing courses but the whole training and in particular the over the shoulder videos of how to use Pullii to pull so much traffic blew me away…

Pullii Review

Pullii Review


I did get review access but after seeing the amount and quality of the Pullii training I can 100% say that with my hand on my heart that I would have paid double for or even more for Pullii.

Also in the Pullii training which I said earlier Pinterest is just the traffic part but there is way more than just getting traffic. This is a complete business model which can be used with any niche…even the really big niches

So here goes…My overall Pullii review is if you are reading this and not already getting ready to click buy NOW then you are really not serious about making it online, make too much money already or don’t want an easy to set up new income stream or just don’t appreciate good solid training which actually works!!!!


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OTO 1 contains additional case studies of profits, additional monetization tactics and details to help you get more results, and get them sooner. (Totally worth it in my opinion)


OTO 2 is 16 premium DONE FOR YOU viral blogging sites including content! Get traffic and make money right out of the box and even expand your site for further profits. (While they look good I like to always give away the BEST BONUSES and save my readers some money so I am actually including my own set of 20 full niche viral blogs which include content, graphics and are completely ready to be uploaded and used!!! They have to be seen to believed and you will only get them if you buy through my exclusive links – See the bonuses below)


OTO 3 is a massive done for you pack designed to make your life easier when using this method. This will include done for you niches, done for you content, done for you monetization and more (This looks jam packed and very complete)








20 Ready To Upload Niche Blogs (20 of the top niches in ready to upload to a domain blog form, all WordPress sites with a step by step guide)


Insider CPA and Facebook Marketing – (5 HD detailed over the shoulder video course on using the immense power of the Biggest social media platform to set up and profit from CPA)


CPA Insider Secrets (PDF Starter course – 22 Video Training course on many of the secrets that CPA product creators dont want you to know but are explained here in a very easy to follow video and PDF training, a perfect product for any CPA beginner – Complete Website with graphics)


Facebook Ads Guru Mantra (A 16 video course on how to set up your Facebook ads for super low clicks and conversions, huge amounts of step by step detail that is almost copy paste – perfect for affiliates, list builders, CPA or even eCOM)


Facebook Fanpage Ad Secrets Guide (10 HD video course + 46 page PDF on how to harness the vast power of growing your fan pages using ads, having a fanpage is even more targeted than having a list – extremely eye opening training)


Facebook Marketing PRO (9 HD videos that teach the power of Facebook and the many ways to use and profit from it – Top marketers are making Millions a year from FB alone, find out how you can too)


Video Marketing BluePrint (10 Over the shoulder Video Course + 2 Squeeze Page Videos + Cheat Sheat + Main Course PDF + Lead generating Report + Email Swipes and Much more – this is a complete business in a Box)


Ultimate Passive Income Machines (main course PDF – 10 HD video course on how to start creating MULTIPLE passive income streams. If you thought that you knew every way to get started with creating a lot of passive income streams then you have to see this! Brand new product that will open your eyes and fill your pockets)


Hot Niche Finding Formula (Main course PDF on finding the perfect niche to target)


Social Media Authority List Building GOLD (10 video training course – resource report – social media swipe kit – top forums and blogs – keywords – images – graphics – This is a full business in a box that teaches you how to build a list using the power of Social Media)


YouTube Marketing Excellence (A 10 HD video course that will show you how to use YouTube to create a long term and ever growing evergreen business – Many tricks that have not been taught before that will bring you in an easy 6 Figures and can be started for completely free)


eCom Mega Bonus (50 top selling physical products – Physical product training – Facebook Explosive Training – WP Tee Contest Plugin + Full Training – 70 Top Dropshipping and Wholesale Sources, unknown but very profitable sources – The Definitive Guide to Dropshipping – 2,500 TOP Selling Products in over 10 Niches)


Magnetic Affiliate Marketing (Full course PDF training – 10 HD videos that will teach you everything that you will need to know about making fulltime income from affiliate marketing – Including everything from beginner to Expert and even has a secret powerful traffic source)


The Wolf eCommerce Store Business in a Box (Full course PDF training – 10 HD videos that I have compiled to make getting your first eCom store up and running in no time and how to grow your business to a 6 figure a year eCom MEGA Empire – Nothing held back, a must see)


The Ultimate Free Traffic System (23 HD Videos which are the main product and the OTO on using every traffic method out there – everything is included and with this course and OTO you will never want for free traffic again + there are a few very cheap traffic methods that you will be able to see an instant ROI with)


Amazing Banner Creator Software (A simple to use Banner and Header Creator Software with over 70 extra templates and addons – perfect to make and sell or just to use to make your sites look much more professional)


High Ticket Funnel Authority (10 HD video course on how to create the perfect traffic sucking funnel – Everyone knows that you need a squeeze page to build your list but what most dont tell you is that you can create a funnel that will make you money and build your list with all traffic that you send to it – A must have)


6 Amazing WordPress Plugins ( Tweet Anything – Fast Action Landing Page – Pro e-books from your WordPress posts – Pro email opt-in survey & question pages – Guru Style Video Optin – Landing pages in a FLASH)


WP Optins 3.0 Elite Software (One of the most powerful and versatile Squeeze Page Creator that can also be used to create Sales Pages, Thank You Pages and JV Pages. A very easy to use but powerful and versatile Software + Full Training Videos included)



So Grab Pullii + All The Bonuses Above Through My Exclusive Link By – CLICKING HERE








  1. Marc Gray (Post author)

    Hi Eric,

    Thank you so much mate…I really appreciate what you said. I do try my best to rise above the rest of the BS product reviewers who basically review the sales page and stick in their affiliate link. Customers are completely capable of reading a sales page themselves (I’m sure you would agree).

    Regarding my bonuses I try to always select something useful that goes with the product and also give even more value by giving away courses that will help out the buyer on their learning experience!

    If you do buy through my link (which I really hope that you do) then double check the bonuses to make sure everything is there, if anything is missing then just contact me straight away and I will send over everything (I only say this because recently I have been so super busy with my new and first little daughter that I have missed out a bonus here and there, but send it right over if my mistake is pointed out)

    Thank you again for the very kind words Eric, you are a good man,

    I’m here always (taking in the time difference of course)

    My best,


  2. Eric

    Best review of anything ever. Seriously. I am going to buy this through your link.
    First time EVER i saw a marketer look after his customers by offering for free what’s in the OTO.

    For anyone else reading, I’ve read a LOT of product reviewers and Mr. Marc Gray is most throrough and straight forward.
    And no, I don’t know him at all.
    I’m just sooooo sick of horsehockey (That’s short for Bullshit) 🙂
    I am pleased to finding something not entirely worthless.

  3. Marc Gray (Post author)

    Hi Frank,

    As far as I know any coupon codes that would have been available would only have been available during the main 5 day launch! Now the product goes back to the original price!

    It may be that the creators for got to remove that option from the sales page…what you can try doing is clicking through my link then try clicking away as though you are leaving the page and you may be offered a discount then. Though that option may also be gone now that the main product launch is over!

    Wish I could be more help…



  4. Frank

    On the sales page they have a promo code to save $5 which is wonderful except i don’t see anywhere to enter the code on warrior plus at check out. Any ideas?

  5. Marc Gray (Post author)

    Hi Dan,

    Thank you for getting in touch. I just sent you the 20 niche blogs to the email address that you made this comment with. Can you please let me know if you got them?

    To anyone else who has bought through my links and didn’t receive the blogs just let me know and I will send them ASAP. Sorry Dan for the inconvenience!



    PS. Inside the blog pack there is a PDF on how to upload them and also it says that for a price someone will upload for you. That PDF was there when I bought them and I didn’t have time to change that small part regarding someone doing it for you.
    If you are having trouble uploading them I would try Fiverr.com!!!

  6. Dan

    Hi Mark,

    Thanks for the info. I just ordered Pullii through your link and am confused about where to find my “20 Ready To Upload Niche Blogs” (which is, quite frankly, the only bonus that I’m interested in).

    When I hit the “access Affiliate Bonus” button on the Warrior Plus site, it took me to a page called “My files”. I could not find the “20 Ready To Upload Niche Blogs” among the products on that page.

    How can I access those blogs?



  7. Marc Gray (Post author)

    Hi Dan,

    Good question. At the moment about 1000 units have been sold of this product altogether and what the product creators are giving away are the same kind of blogs and they will not give everyone who buys blog sets with different content on each set (I may be wrong but know product creators and how long that would take to buy new content for each blog and reupload…though I may be wrong).

    So yes I would definitely recommend changing the content on the blogs, either mine or the ones that the guys are giving away as the OTO…unless they specifically say that every blog of theirs has different content, which as I said I doubt. They have probably found a similar set of niche blogs similar to what I own and created an upsell with them (buying full WP blogs is not cheap. The ones that I am giving away cost me over $400 to buy the rights to, though the creators of Pullii are giving them much much cheaper.)

    Now remember Dan that I am not saying don’t buy the OTO, I am just trying to help the people who cant afford them or want to own 36 instead of 16.

    Too be honest most people buying through me are 50% just buying OTO 3 and about 50% still buying OTO 2 and 3 or all 3 of the OTO’s. From the feedback that I have gotten from clients who bought this generally everyone is happy and the OTOs have a downsell the first time around so a lot of people are saving money and everyone is happy with this product!

    This is a very good product as I said in my review, which lately has been a bit rare!

    I hope that this helps you and I can answer any more questions that you have!

    My Best,


  8. Dan

    Hi. A quick question: One of your bonuses is your own version of OTO2, which consists of done-for you Pullii machines. Now, if (say) 200 people buy and implement these identical done-for-you machines, won’t that cause problems with so many people having the exact same sites on Pinterest? Won’t there be “original content” problems? Thanks. Dan

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