Push Button Traffic Review

Alright so is it really possible to get Push Button Traffic? 


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First thing is that the name “Push Button Traffic” is going to attract everyone because everyone wants Push Button Traffic. Now beside the rather exaggerated name let’s see what kind of traffic in this Push Button Traffic Review can get.

As always the Push Button Traffic sales page looks crazily hyped. Now let’s have a deeper look and see if this new cloud based software can really live up to its name Push Button Traffic?

At first when I heard of Push Button Traffic I thought that this was a backlink builder to social media sites and honestly there have been a few of them out recently.

Push Button Traffic 3.0 Review

Push Button Traffic 3.0 Review

Now Push Button Traffic does build you backlinks but it also has the power to find you very quickly LSI (Long tailed keywords or Latent Semantic Indexing) keywords which you can then use to build posts and blogs on social media sites that you can then use to link to your money site.

Now this is when Push Button Traffic started to interest me a little. Once you have everything set up which the video training explains in great details you are building high ranking and high trust flow posts with different viral content.

So is the whole Push Button Traffic name justified? Well once you have everything set up which will take about 10 to 20 minutes then I guess that all you are doing is pressing a button to start the traffic so Push Button Traffic is kind of true.

Also the more that you use and build your social platforms with content (there is also a content spinner option inside of Push Button Traffic which you can use to make your content more unique) the more powerful they get.

Meaning that the backlinks that you can create are more powerful meaning that your Push Button Traffic becomes easier to get and to get bigger quantities of!

Now I absolutely admit that I had my doubts about the Push Button Traffic software when I heard of it but my mind has changed for the better and I can see a lot more uses for Push Button Traffic than you can even see on the sales page.

If you overlook the rather crazy name of Push Button Traffic then my Push Button Traffic review has changed as this software could be very useful.

Push Button Traffic 3.0 Review

Push Button Traffic 3.0 Review

Not just to drive traffic but to do deep buyer keyword research. Find content and GIFS for those keywords and populate your own Blogs and social media accounts. The more you post content to them the more trust is built up and the stronger that your backlink becomes.

Also with Push Button Traffic you can post find and modify your content using the special tools inside the software.

Some other features that I liked about Push Button Traffic were that you can add in your affiliate links or whichever link you want people directed to.

You can also use the Push Button Traffic content spinner to make even more content and as they say “Content is King”!

So besides the name of Push Button Traffic I think that I have to say that my Push Button Traffic Review is that this software can be very useful when used correctly and that is what the training modules are for!

Now there are a few Upgrades or OTO’s as always. Check them out below!


Upgrade 1 – Elite Pro Edition

Upgrade 2 – $1300 Weekly Edition -Learn how you Can Use The Push Button Traffic 2.0 To Make Up To $1,300 per week.

Upgrade 3 – Agency Licence – Run Viral Traffic Campaigns For Others And Sell It As Service.




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