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I was very lucky to get an early review copy of Rapid Niche Profits and have had a few days to go through the system inside Rapid Niche Profits. This new product is brought to us by Art Flair, Craig Dawber & Mark Bishop. Though to be honest Rapid Niche Profits is really written and the method used by Craig who in the beginning will give a bit of background about himself and this is his main income source.

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Craig has been using the methods inside Rapid Niche Profits for years and has a ton of niche sites in all different niches. When I first started out I had over 100+ niche sites all bringing me in a very good income but my problem was that I was too reliant on Google and lost all my rankings over the space of 4 days completely ruining my business when the “Panda and Penguin” algorithm changes happened….luckily with Rapid Niche Profits you will never have to worry about that happening to you!

So I have to admit that when I heard from Art what Rapid Niche Profits was about I was at first very excited and then very sceptical, well let’s just say that after reading through this very detailed PDF Rapid Niche Profits I can now see the difference in how niche sites have changed and how this is a very solid business model again if done right.



Rapid Niche Profits instead of focusing on SEO like I did uses the power of social media (and so many other factors that I will get to) and we all know that social media is going nowhere, if anything it will just get bigger and stronger and will make your niche sites more profitable.

One of the things that is very apparent and clear from reading Rapid Niche Profits is that Craig really has opened up his business model and really wants you to succeed and offers to answer any questions to buyers of Rapid Niche Profits.



As I said I was very excited to read Rapid Niche Profits when I heard what it was about and it really didn’t disappoint with very clear instructions and tips and tricks that I would never have thought of but will be putting to good use. Rapid Niche Profits focuses on building 1 site but then of course Craig tells us that we should just rinse and repeat, I could tell after reading this 3 times that Craig’s system Rapid Niche Profits is the real deal and will 100% succeed as long as you follow along the methods inside Rapid Niche Profits.


Inside the main PDF of Rapid Niche Profits everything is laid out in a very nice easy to follow style and even the 10 Modules and Conclusion have beautiful graphics added so that you really feel like you are reading something of quality which Rapid Niche Profits is.

I know from experience that when you get to the stage where you have a list of all your sites and you spend every few days checking them that it is a great feeling, it’s like having a little army of money making machines. Rapid Niche Profits was not thrown together super quick just to get the product out there but was created with care and love and you can really see that this man loves his business and knows that it works and can only get better and bigger with his choosing…



Inside the main PDF Rapid Niche Profits you will learn everything from niche research, building your sites, optimising your sites in great detail, how to use your digital foot print to make your sites have constant traffic, building a list, how to write the content for your sites, how to get both free and paid traffic to your sites (though no need for paid traffic unless you have some money to test with), how to utilise YouTube, how to outsource as much of Rapid Niche Profits as you want and so much more.

When you get access to the download area in Rapid Niche Profits there are already a bunch of Bonus Products there…including a Free Webinar, a Facebook group, a backlink PDF guide and an Affiliate Marketing Kick Start PDF guide.

Rapid Niche Profits comes in a fantastically well laid out PDF with 10 Modules and a final conclusion that will lead you all the way to growing and owning your own Army of niche sites. Rapid Niche Profits is probably the best and one of my favorite reviews that I have done in a long time!

If I was looking for a new income stream or just looking to get started in Internet Marketing I can’t think of a better more fun and easy to follow method…


OTO 1 is 10 Done for You Niche Blogs (talk about cutting the learning curve)

OTO 2 is called “SEO Synergy” and will help you greatly with the SEO that needs to be done!

OTO 3 is called “Simple Video Marketing” and is a detailed Video Marketing Course that will help to drive loads of traffic to your new niche blogs!




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