Rapid Traffic Suite Review

Rapid Traffic Suite Review


Ease Of Training




Value For Money



  • The creators do actually use these methods and software!


  • If you are new to Pinterest or just want to know everything you can then starting may take longer SO I put together a valuable package that will speed everything up (scroll to the bottom to check it out)

Find out in this Rapid Traffic Suite Review what you really get!


Hi My Readers and Friends, so if you are here you are looking to read or watch a no B.S. Rapid Traffic Suite Review and maybe to get bonuses to make Rapid Traffic Suite better!

So I am going to start this review by saying that I was rather disappointed when I got a copy. I actually asked for my own copy not a review copy before even knowing what it was about.

Rapid Traffic Suite Review

Rapid Traffic Suite Review


There are 3 main parts to Rapid Traffic Suite…

There is the training on how to use the software which is 7 short videos!

There is the actual Rapid Traffic Suite software which I have finally connected to my Pinterest account, I will show you in the video!

Then there are 24 training videos that cover every aspect of the how to drive traffic, set up a website, SEO, how to build a business including an email list if you want and actually everything that you need to know to build a business as Pinterest as your main traffic source.

Rapid Traffic Suite Review

Rapid Traffic Suite Review


Now why was I disappointed at first? It all sounds so great and it actually is everything that you need to start a business and drive traffic…

Pinterest, Pinterest, Pinterest!

That’s why I was disappointed!


Rapid Traffic Suite Review

Rapid Traffic Suite Review

I feel like I have reviewed and looked at so many trainings about Pinterest and every single time I always say I need to get some of that traffic.

UPDATE!!!! I just checked my Pinterest account and have over 1000 new followers in 24 hours!!!!

Rapid Traffic Suite Review

Rapid Traffic Suite Review – UPDATE!!


Well no going back now.

Connect with me here on Pinterest

I spent today setting up the Rapid Traffic Suite software to my own Pinterest account and will update this review with how things go!

Rapid Traffic Suite is great if you want to get started building an online business as you have loads of training and a very cool software that really does automate everything.

Anyway enough about me and Pinterest 😊

If you are looking for a great deal, solid training and a very useful software then Rapid Traffic Suite ticks all the boxes.

An interesting little bit of insider information for you about the Rapid Traffic Suite software.

Stefan and team used to have something very similar but Pinterest changed their API so it stopped working and that software they would sell for over $300.

Rapid Traffic Suite Review

Rapid Traffic Suite Review


The new version they are giving away with a full training course for $24 which is actually brilliant for a solid piece of software and training though the price will rise quickly.

To finish off my Rapid Traffic Suite Review I will say that I don’t do reviews of things that I don’t like or think are no use or if it’s just some theory and have met Stefan in Portugal and he also interviewed me!

The other reason I decided to this review is because I KNOW Stefan and his team are actually using the exact methods that they are teaching and that the Rapid Traffic Suite software was created for Stefan’s own use to promote affiliate offers and build their lists.

Lastly I am going to list the OTO’s or upsells which there are only 3 of and then show you the bonuses that I am giving away that will blow you away!


OTO 1 is called the Rapid Traffic Suite Pro Upgrade! (This unlocks a extra feature that has other people driving more traffic for you)


OTO 2 is called Unlimited Traffic Accounts + Developer Rights! (The unlimited accounts means that you can add as many Pinterest accounts into the software as you want)


OTO 3 is called 5X Your Traffic With Social Studio Blogging Edition! (This is a new traffic app that combines blogging with social media)




Firstly a Few rather cool software’s from Stefan!


Social Vids (Lets you add engagement to YouTube videos like a call to action button)


Social Leads (Lets you hook up your Facebook, LinkedIn and twitter to capture leads. This a great way to build a list of active buyers)


Social Snips (Social Snips lets you overlay any website with your own call to action but also lets you collect emails to keep building that list)


Video Blogger (A WordPress plugin that helps you with video set up on your site. Create video sitemaps, do keyword research, and video embeds)


Now My Bonuses from My Private collection!


Marc’s Own Packed Pinterest Bundle (This includes 5 PDFs and 10 videos that I put together when I was researching Pinterest. This has every single trick and tip that Rapid Traffic Suite does not show you. If you really want to dig deep into Pinterest then you will need this. I also found out how to get free tools)


Pin Niche Booster ( (9HD videos that are updated for 2019 Pinterest TOS. These walk you through the various niches that people over look and show you everything that you need to grow and make even more from Pinterest)


Huge Graphics Pack (Inside of the software there is a picture editor and you can add graphics to make them stand out or just attract more attention)


20 Full Database WordPress Niche Sites (These are complete sites that you just have to unzip and upload. They come in the top niches and look great when uploaded. These are perfect if you do not want to waste time with creating new content or logos as Everything is included)


Marc’s Golden Niche List (This is a product that I created and sold. It’s a PDF full of 90 sub niches and for every niche when you click it it will take you to a high converting Clickbank product in that niche. People told me that this was one of the most useful tools they had ever seen and still refer to it)


Print on Demand Business Profit Blueprint (9 PDFs + 7HD videos + 2 product calculators + 50 DFY designs in 9 niches. This is a huge training course that is a cross between eCom and using free platforms such as T-Spring and many others to create and sell everything from T-shirts to cups to jackets. All detailed training to get set up and grow your business to massive levels as well as including the upsells with 50 Done for you designs that you can just copy paste)


Amazon Affiliate BP (main course PDF – Cheatsheet and Mindmap + 16 HD videos. This is the latest full packed course on how to use multiple methods to earn easy affiliate commissions from Amazon. This is perfect if you do not know what to send your traffic too)


High Grade Artist Backgrounds (300 high quality backgrounds that cover all niches or just to use to find the perfect colour. These will allow you to create your own brilliant pictures without breaking any laws. Very high quality designs)



Get Rapid Traffic Suite and ALL The Bonuses Above By Simply Clicking HERE!




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