Re KaChing Review

Re KaChing Review


Ease Of Training




Value For Money



  • This is a very viable business model but does take work!
  • As well as the Vendor Bonuses I selected some from my private collection to make it more complete!
  • Massive value! Lots of training, tools and a software!


  • I am personally not a fan of diagrams in videos!

Find Out In My Re KaChing Review What I Liked And Didn’t Like About Re KaChing! Maybe You Don’t Agree?


So first things first, because Re KaChing has a completely blind sales page in my Re KaChing Review I am going to clear that up straight away!

Before I do that I will tell you what I was not a fan of in Re KaChing. The first few videos are of Mosh speaking while showing and drawing diagrams to explain the Re KaChing method.

I know that everyone learns in different ways and not so long ago I would always say that I didn’t like videos as the base of a product.

Re KaChing Review

Re KaChing Review


I preferred reading the method in a PDF, now I actually enjoy watching good over the shoulder videos. Or more I have just got used to it ?

Anyway I almost skipped those first videos of Re KaChing but that would have been a mistake.

Even though I get bored with diagrams and people speaking slowly the diagrams are important to understand what Re KaChing is all about!

Re KaChing Review

Re KaChing Review


So not to dwell on that I thought that the rest of Re KaChing was quite interesting as it involves a mixture of freelancing and Instagram.

So Re KaChing covers 2 things that I know work! I used to be involved in a bit of freelancing then moved to arbitrage and it is very easy to get started in freelancing as there are almost no costs to get started!

Now when Re KaChing brought in Instagram which until recently I thought it was a completely useless social media platform for marketers, I started to get interested.

I know of quite a few people who are pulling in massive traffic from Instagram and that is what the core of Re KaChing is all about…

Re KaChing Review

Re KaChing Review


Re KaChing shows you how to find clients who want to have their Instagram profile built up with more followers or just want to have it managed for them.

Now if it was not for the Re KaChing automated software this would be VERY time consuming!

I started off thinking that I was not going to like Re KaChing because of the diagrams but now that I have went through the full Re KaChing training I can see that this could be a very lucrative income stream.

The sales page of Re KaChing says that you can make about 2000 Dollars per Month but I think that if you get enough clients which Re KaChing teaches you then you could actually make a lot more! That is something that I don’t say often!

Everything that I can think of to get started with Re KaChing is covered, which I was quite happy about. Even how to find and contact clients is explained with a downloadable document so you can copy paste!

Re KaChing also has a “First contact template” and a “Questionnaire for Clients” copy and paste document.

I know Mosh quite well and never knew that he was into this type of business so I was rather pleasantly surprised with Re KaChing.

The Re KaChing software is recommended to use proxies but that is all explained in the software section of Re KaChing with 10 videos that go into great detail.

Re KaChing Review

Re KaChing Review


I should also mention that Mosh has been having people in a Facebook beta testers group who have been testing the method out and I had a look and there are a lot of happy users of the whole Re KaChing method.

Real people actually testing out the training and software. I may actually keep the software for personal use just for my own Instagram account, why not!

Another thing about Re KaChing that I did like was the amount of content that you get with over 21 videos (only 3 with diagrams, the rest are over the shoulder style) and a Instagram cloud based software that automates as many clients as you want!

So once you follow the training in Re KaChing then set up the Re KaChing software I cant really see that there is much else to do…besides getting those clients and making an agreement with them which is explained how to do through a certain freelancing platform!

My final Re KaChing review is that this something that surprised me with the amount of detail that has went into it and the use of a software. Its also something that I think would actually work well if you take action on it!


There are a few upsells which you can see below!


OTO 1 of Re KaChing is a complete Done For You Package!


OTO 2 of Re KaChing is Advanced training. How to 5 times your profits!


OTO 3 of Re KaChing is resell rights!





Firstly the bonuses from the Mosh, which I will list first below –

Fusion (on sale right now)

Piggyback Cash System (on sale right now, Instagram tool)

3 Step Machines (complete training course)

Quantum Profits (A best seller on warrior plus)

Case Study (700K Free Monthly Visitors  100%  Free Buyer Traffic)

Auto Social Traffic Plugin (automates your social media)

Drag and Drop Page Builder Plugin (a decent page builder WP plugin)


Instagram Traffic Magic (10 HD video course on how to use Instagram, how to drive traffic and get sales from CPA to Affiliate Marketing – You will not believe the potential power of this under used platform!)


Instagram Stories (main course PDF – Cheatsheet – 10 HD videos – Instagram Stories is the latest product released about using Instagram in a way that no other has been teaching including Instagram Stories Live Trend Toward feature and a complete monetisation strategy. Full course including the OTO video upsell – High quality Instagram Stories Marketing!)


All Online Ads Covered (main course PDF – 24 HD videos that will teach you every type of online ads and how to use them to create massive income streams. Including Instagram ads, YouTube ads, Google Display ads, Linkedin ads and Facebook ads. This is a packed PDF and 24 video ultimate ad over the shoulder training that will make you a master of All Online ad types. Powerful and detailed training !)


Instagram Ads Masterclass (PDF training course + 10 HD videos on using Insta Ads the right way to make cool passive income through these proven and HOT techniques)


Social Media Marketing Blueprint (main course PDF + 2 other packed PDFs + 10 videos on how to use social media to give yourself a massive advantage in whatever business or niche that you are in. Social Marketing Advantage can be used by a complete beginner or a more experienced marketer to build a business empire through social media. Every topic covered in great detail)


Social Media Domination PRO (main course PDF – Cheatsheet and Mindmap + 10 HD videos. Have you noticed that every business has a huge social media presence? Well now you can learn how to grow your own massive social media empire for your business or if you dont have a business learn to profit directly from Social Media or sell your services to other big business’s)


Niche Power Marketing (main course PDF – Cheatsheet and Mindmap + 10 HD videos. Learn the power of finding and using the correct niche that has not too much competition or too little and how to exploit it and make the most of any niche that you are already in. Every marketer can use this to save untold hours of research plus training on how to tackle the niche that you are in)


Arbitrage, Freelancing and Brokering Blueprint (11 HD Videos Intensive Training on the secrets to creating a 6 Figure Business as an Online – Unreleased Over the Shoulder Training on How to Build a 6 Figure Business Starting with Nothing)


Hooking High Paying Clients (Full Course PDF training – 8 HD videos on how to find and get high paying clients in any niche and keep them coming back for more – Great for offline business but can be used in any niche – Offline and Online)


Facebook Fanpage Domination (10 HD video course + 46 page PDF on how to harness the vast power of growing your fan pages using ads, having a fanpage is even more targeted than having a list)



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