Ready Set Profits Review

Ready Set Profits Review


Ease Of Training




Value For Money



  • Really is DFY.
  • Simple set up!


  • Not many or I would not bother reviewing it!
  • Remember to scroll down to check out my bonuses! That would be a CON 🙂

Ready Set Profits Review – A complete Done for you system with multiple traffic sources!


Hello Dear Readers, Welcome to my Ready Set Profits Review, this is the latest training and software that you will be hearing about over the next few days.

There is a LOT of information in Ready Set Profits and it has taken me a while to go through it all.

There is also a software included that I have actually being using for over a year (or at least a version of it).

It would be much easier to show you this Ready Set Profits review in a video (which I will add further down the page but for those who still like the written word I will explain as best I can.

Ready Set Profits Review Headline

Ready Set Profits Review Headline


Firstly this is not a complicated system and could easily be set up in 20 minutes.

The actual training is done by a guy called Carl who has been using this exact method to make easy 100 Dollar days (he really is, I checked).

Now what Carl teaches you in Ready Set Profits is about traffic and controlling your traffic.

I know that I have said this 100 times before but if you don’t control your traffic you will never have a business or make money online.

Ready Set Profits starts off with the core principles of keeping your own traffic yours but also how you can leverage other peoples traffic using what I would call a clever viral method.

Ready Set Profits Review Members Area

Ready Set Profits Review Members Area


Also depending on one traffic source is never the smartest, sure, if you are paying for traffic and getting a great ROI every time then why would you look elsewhere?

Well the simple reason is that though very unlikely that traffic method that you are using could stop!

Mastering one traffic source is great but having multiple others is even better.

Inside of Ready Set Profits there is an Instagram traffic software, which is very similar to the one that I already use every day.

There is training on how to use Quora in the most detailed way I have ever seen, what I learned from this video I had no idea was possible.

There is a full training on solo ads and how to make them free, this also comes with a full DFY funnel and email follow up sequence.

Ready Set Profits Review Traffic Sources

Ready Set Profits Review Traffic Sources


As one of my bonuses I am going to give you the private details of the ONLY solo ad vendor that I use to get my traffic from.

Then lastly Ready Set Profits shows the main social media platforms but these are used to get people to share your content on their profiles creating a viral effect.

I have actually seen this done a lot recently and even shared something on my own FB in order to get a free list of names!

Lastly there is Manychat, a FB BOT that is ready to copy and paste everything into from Ready Set Profits.

If you like traffic (who doesn’t) and you like Done for You, then this is a great product that you will really get results if you just put it into action.

There are of course some OTO’s or Upsells which if you check out my video review of Ready Set Profits I will go over quickly.





My Secret Solo Ad Source (There are lots of people selling solo ads on places like Udimi and all over Facebook but I only ever buy from 1 person. I normally don’t tell people who I get my solos from as its more great traffic for me. No BS, this traffic really converts. From my first 300 clicks I made 247 Dollars back and that is without the follow ups. While I cant guarantee you will get the same results he is the best guy to use. He even gives you free training and will help with your funnel.)


Traffic Armageddon (This is the full training on how to use 5x clicks with 6 hours of traffic training that covers solo ads, Bing . Microsoft ads, YouTube ads, free YouTube traffic PLUS below are listed all of the OTOs for this product)


TA OTO 1 (This is the OTO 1 from Traffic Armageddon)


TA OTO 2 (This is the OTO 2 of Traffic Armageddon which is a FULL DFY funnel set up)


TA OTO 3 (Unlimited traffic – this gets you traffic from Dan and Phills sales page. Usually sold for 297 Dollars)


TA OTO 4 (Advanced training on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube)


TA OTO 5 (This is full resell rights to Traffic Armageddon)




The Big Five (My 2 time award winning training that shows you exactly how I run my own business which includes a combination of the 5 Big elements, a highly optimised website, a highly optimised YouTube channel, a list grown in 2 ways, a targeted FB group and your own product which you can use to make money or capture leads. I show you over approx 8 hours of intensive training how to combine them to create a traffic and sales sucking business)


The Big Five OTO 1 (This is advanced video training never seen outside of my high ticket coaching that will propel you so far ahead of your competition its almost unfair)


The Big Five OTO 2 (A packed members area full of Done for you material that will shave hours off your time to get set up and profiting)


Traffic Victory (This is my first product that I created that changed the face of Google. It is not available to buy any more as it created too much competition for me Plus I am adding in BOTH OTO’s which are packed and were also taken off the market. I will be taking the above bonuses down after this launch so grab them now while you can. If you go to the testimonial page on my site above you will see all of the unsolicted testimonials of both of the above products that I created)



So Don’t Miss Out on These Completely Relevant Bonuses by Clicking Here To Get Ready Set Profits!



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