Recommended Training and Tools


I decided to put together this page of Recommended Training and Tools that I use or have reviewed and tested and know that they are good and actually work.

UPDATED – 12/05/2024

There are also some tools and platforms that I believe that every online business owner should have such as an autoresponder so you can start building your email list right away.

A hosting platform and a domain so that you can start your website and grow your business from there.

I will keep updating this page so that you will always know what you can be sure is worth the money, a good training or a useful tool.

Some of the trainings or software’s on this page may have been reviewed months ago, days ago, or even years ago, but if they are on this recommended trainings and tools page then they are completely evergreen and still very much useful and will help you make money online.

Recommended Training and Tools


As is the case with many things it is not always the newest and greatest tools or trainings that are the best.

In the make money online space people release digital products as much as every two weeks.

Those type of products are the ones that you will not find on this website because I only review and put on this website products that I have thoroughly reviewed and tested.

I have been reviewing and creating digital products for over 10 years so I have a lot of experience when it comes to reviewing and testing and knowing if something is going to be a very useful tool or if a system is going to make you money.

Thank you for checking out this recommended training and tools page and if you want to know more about me and what people think of me you can go to the testimonials page on this website and you’ll see reviews and testimonials going back over 10 years.

If you have any questions about any of the products or software’s or platforms on this page then please feel free to leave a comment or a question below and I will answer it as fast as possible usually within 24 to 48 hours at the very most.


All of the links below are all full reviews both written and video with bonuses included to help make the product better or just to give you more value.


This first training is a totally evergreen programme that could have been sold as a high ticket for over $5000 but it’s only $297 with a special $97 OFF when you grab this from my website and as well as the very detailed training you get full support and any questions answered inside of the members area. Find Out More Below!

Check Out This Incredible Not Taught At School University Training Here



Now you might have heard the saying the money is in the list so here is my favourite autoresponder that I have been using for almost 15 years. The great thing about signing up right now to getresponse is that it is free forever and you can use all of their tools for ever with no charge or until you reach 500 subscribers and when you have 500 subscribers you will be easily able to pay the small monthly fee.

Check Out My Getresponse Review Here



Not everybody thinks that they should have a website but I completely disagree even if you decide that you want to be a YouTuber or you want to be on social media making money it is always more professional to have a domain name and a website and if you are looking to get that website ranked then hosting is vitally important, I have reviewed many and this is the one I use today.

Check Out My GreenGeeks Hosting Review Here



I maybe should have mentioned this software first as it’s the oldest still available software that I have a review for on my website and one that I also use myself 24/7. This is the only software that I know of that is completely evergreen and drives real traffic to your website not just bots or fake traffic but real people who actually buy things from your website and read your content plus you also get a following by using this software read my full review to find out how.

Check Out My TrafficZion Review Here



This next one for me is a massive game changer especially if you want to get into YouTube but do not want to show your face on camera. At the moment I’m using this myself to create videos and it truly is one of the best tools I have ever seen and is a replacement for an amazing software I used to have that got bought out by GoDaddy called Vidnami. My review for this will be coming shortly along with some extra training as a bonus but for now you really should check this out if you want to make a faceless YouTube channel or make videos straight from your website with just a URL and so many other features.

Check Out Pictory Here For a FREE Trial



Learning to convert traffic both organic and paid is as important as actually getting traffic if you don’t know what to do with traffic when you get it and how to convert it then you might as well not be getting any traffic this product shows you one of my favourite traffic methods and one that I use myself very regularly.

Check Out ProfitLink Here



There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that YouTube is one of the best platforms and search engines to market on, now you do not need to show your face if you’re not comfortable doing that but you can still make a life changing amount of money on YouTube.  I recently started a new channel where I don’t need to show my face and it covers different niches and I’m able to add a new video every day by using the tool above called Pictory and if you want to learn what I learned then check out this YouTube training below.

Click Here To Check My Full Review Of YT Influencer



I almost forgot to add this great product, this product is so clever and will save you so much money if you are promoting any type of affiliate offers and giving away bonuses. There are quite a few options for bonus page builders out there but most of them come with a high monthly subscription fee which of course we all want to avoid. When you set up this template on any domain it instantly populates the domain with a new theme multiple bonus templates and all the plugins that you would ever need. I use this myself on at least three or four websites.

Check Out DFY Bonus Suite Here



Remember That this Recommended Training and Tools Page Will Be Updated Regularly So When You Come Back You Can Check Again And See What Is New, Removed or Updated!