Seaside Profits Review

Seaside Profits Review


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Seaside Profits Review – A Product that has come just at the right time for me, Fate maybe, Read on and find out why!


Alrighty, I am going to start of my Seaside Profits review by saying that this is a training course that I would have happily paid the 10 Bucks or so for, actually I would have paid a lot more.

If you are on my newsletter you will have read about my plans going into the end of this year and starting next year.

I know that if you are here you are here to read about Seaside Profits but just quickly to maybe give you some ideas I will tell you why Seaside Profits came at the right time for me.

Seaside Profits Review

Seaside Profits Review


So even though I make decent money online I work quite hard to make enough to look after my 2 young daughters and Wife to give them a very comfortable life.

Just last Month I got very sick from 2 badly infected teeth which meant that I really couldn’t work, trust me I tried but I had migraines, blood poisoning and the pain pills made me barely able to keep my eyes open…never mind the actual toothache.

Seaside Profits Review

Seaside Profits Review


Anyway why am I telling you this and what does it have to with Seaside Profits?

The answer is simple really, as I run my own business myself basically (I have a part time VA who helps a bit) if I get sick then I don’t get sick pay.

I just don’t make money, sure I have several assets that bring in some passive money, but not enough for a family of 4. The thing is that with the right knowledge and set up Affiliate Marketing CAN bring you in plenty of recurring income.

Seaside Profits Review

Seaside Profits Review


Anyway after getting better I decided that even if I had to turn my business completely around my MAIN goal had to be building more assets that really bring in regular recurring income.

Just before getting sent review access for Seaside Profits I was just about to invest in a high ticket training that was 997 Dollars with probably some OTO’s or upsells that was about this very topic.

This packed training that I am reviewing is brought to us by Fergal who has been in the online marketing World for ever,  his last product that I really liked was called Infinity Buyer Traffic which I got a lot from.

In a way Seaside Profits has saved me well over 1000 Bucks because this low ticket training that Fergal created gave me everything that I needed to know about starting a membership site.

So now you know partly what Seaside Profits is about, but don’t think that is all.

This training firstly starts off for beginners with a done for you membership site that you can promote to start building up your own recurring income, having the DFY solution means that you can jump right to the traffic training which I will get to in a minute.

If like me you have your own content or can create some or even use PLR then you can just create your own membership program.

Seaside Profits Review

Seaside Profits Review


This is something that I have been wanting to do for a while but didn’t really know where to start or how to promote but Seaside Profits solves that.

Altogether there are 16 training modules that cover every part of building up this recurring income model whether you use the DFY method or create something from scratch.

Seaside Profits covers all the details that you need to know such as how to keep your members subscribed if you are creating your own membership site.

How to find the right price point and using upsells, sales copy and graphics.

There are 2 main traffic videos that cover free and paid traffic.

The free traffic method is about using certain Facebook methods with a part on BOTS.

The paid traffic is about using other people’s email lists and a few other clever little methods.

Seaside Profits also has 4 case studies that use different viral methods and also case studies on what Fergal has done just recently to get himself to over 1000 monthly paying members.

Everything that you need to get started is right there, all you need to do is take a bit of action and build up your recurring income as fast you like.

It is very rare that I get so much from a low priced product so I am going to have give this Seaside Profits review a very high rating as everything is backed up by solid proof and case studies, you can even see as Fergal moves through the training video that he is getting more people into his recurring program.

If you are stuck for a new income stream, just want to do something that finally works, something that you can see profits within 24 hours then I can’t recommend Seaside Profits enough!

Along with my bonuses you cannot fail! Because I liked this product so much I went through the OTO’s to see what they really are…


OTO 1 is a huge Done for you package!


OTO 2 is 6 copy and paste case studies!


OTO 3 is a Done for you buyer BOT case studies!


OTO 4 is one on one coaching from Fergal himself!




Firstly I got some good bonuses from Fergal that are still selling which I will list below.


Easy Pi (a crash course on getting started as an affiliate marketer)

Email Marketing Specialist (a newbie friendly course on email marketing)

Broadcast Marketing (a full 4000 Dollar case study)

Pinnacle (how to use FB ads to grow an email list quickly)

Traffic Problem Solved (a FB traffic training)

Quick Affiliate Sniper (a product that I reviewed on this site about ranking YouTube videos)

Snowball Traffic (A FB group traffic training)

VIP Training Workshop (a 21k case study)


NOW All the Bonuses below Are From My personal collection or made by me!


Membership Site Power (10 HD video course and main course PDF on how to create and manage a membership site in ANY niche while Seaside Profits is a great training on membership sites this goes into even more detail)


Marc’s LIVE recorded Facebook case study (Shows you a case study of how using free Facebook traffic and a BOT can gain massive momentum and get your offer out to multiple places and people)


Coaching Authority Blueprint (10 HD Video course on how you can gain the knowledge to build your membership site AND keep people interested and members by providing coaching that you don’t even have to find yourself.)


Become a CHATBOT Expert (10 main PDFs including niche specific OTOs / upsells that show you everything from not knowing what a Chatbot is to being able to profit them and build funnels that people just cant help but buy from. BOTS are the future and used by many Super affiliates including Fergal)


Facebook Fan page Traffic Guide (10 HD video course + 46 page PDF on how use your fan page to drive traffic to anywhere that you want including to your membership site, BOT list or just directly to any offer)


Facebook Groups Unleashed (Main course PDF, Mind Map PDF and 10 HD videos that walk you through the power of using Facebook groups to blow up your profits. I used this exact training to grow my own FB group to over 1.7k active members. Really not as hard as you think)


Facebook Ads Chapter (A 16 video course on how to set up your Facebook ads for maximum ROI, to get cheap clicks, how to split test and everything that you need to master FB ads)


Lead Gen Authority (main course PDF – checklist PDF – 10 HD videos on attracting more customers and leads through a variety of methods with them all leading back to where ever you want them to go. In this case use these methods to get people into your membership site)


Facebook LIVE Power Marketing (main course PDF – 15 HD videos that show you in a step by step way how you can get huge amounts of traffic and a huge following by simply creating a few FB lives. I have been using this method myself to promote a lot of offers and know that it works)


Facebook Ads (10 PDF’s and 10 HD Videos that will start you at a 5 Dollar investment and show you how to really turn up your sales both recurring and one time. With this method you will be growing your business just a few steps ahead of everyone else)


Grab This Powerful Training That Will Have You Building a New Recurring Income In a Few Days PLUS Grab All Of The Bonuses Above – CLICK HERE!




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