Sense Drill Review

Sense Drill Review


Ease Of Training




Value For Money



  • This is based on a guy who has made 6 figures a year with this exact method!
  • Very solid detailed training that for once really over delivers!
  • Get 20 niche websites PLUS a ton of other crazy good Bonuses by simply scrolling down to the bottom - A huge time saver!


  • None that I found...I am even going to give this a try...I like passive income!

Sense Drill Review

If You Thought That AdSense Was Dead Then Check Out This Sense Drill Review To See How This Can Become One Of The Biggest Passive Income Streams Out There!


So Sense Drill is about Adsense and using cheap traffic to get cheap and free clicks to your ads and using the proven power of viral traffic.

I honestly thought that Adesnse was dead until I went through the massive training in Sense Drill.

What did I know about Adsense before going through Sense Drill which consists of over 20 step by step videos, 2 PDF’s and several real time case studies?

Sense Drill Review

Sense Drill Review


Well the answer to the question above about Sense Drill would be very little. My only experience was before I really got into what I am doing now, about 7 years ago I was involved in a little group where we all had sites and ads.

What we would do was to go every day and click on each others ads and use some cheap traffic from a site that got shut down long ago.

What we were doing was against the rules but at the time I didn’t really care, anyway my Adsense account got to over $3000 and 2 days before I was supposed to get my money sent to me my account got banned!

Sense Drill Review

Sense Drill Review


The moral of the story is don’t cheat with adsense and follow good training like Sense Drill offers. I must admit that if Sense Drill did not have such massive proof I would probably not have done a Sense Drill review…

Anyway back to the actual Sense Drill training, the members area of Sense Drill has an easy to follow system that any beginner could follow along with and get your fist Adsense site up very quickly.

Once you have your fist site set up you don’t have to worry about creating super amazing content, inside Sense Drill you will actually learn to get as much content as you need and because the traffic that is being sent to your site is not from SEO it does not matter if not all the content is completely yours.

Now another big factor is the traffic methods in Sense Drill, one is using Facebook and Facebook ads plus a few other cheap and free sources.

Sense Drill Review

Sense Drill Review


What I really liked about the way that Sense Drill is being taught is that they are using cheap traffic, by cheap traffic I mean that Sense Drill is utilising the traffic from Tier 2 Countries (so basically any country that is not USA, UK, Austrailia, Canada and New Zealand).

Now why would Sense Drill be showing you how to get and use traffic from these Tier 2 traffic sources?

Usually when you are running an ad or traffic you want to target all the countries above such as the USA etc, because they are more likely to buy BUT with Sense Drill and adsense all you want the people to do is to click your ads.

The more that they click your ads the better, the more money that you make! Sense Drill showed a lot of things that I would have never have thought of such as where to put your ads so that visitors cant help but to click them.

I do know that my Sense Drill review is a little shorter than usual but it took me a lot longer to go through the actual training than expected (and to be honest I was making some notes as Sense Drill has went down on my to do list)

I am always looking for more passive income streams that require as little effort as possible and Sense Drill and using these little money making machines is definitely something that I am going to try out.

None has to buy anything, there are no refunds, once set up you can just forget about them and keep an eye on your earnings.

Sense Drill Review

Sense Drill Review


One other thing that I had forgotten that Sense Drill reminded me of is that depending on the niche that the ads are for you can get over a Dollar per click.

As always I will be including some very helpful bonuses including 20 niche sites that are full of content with top class graphics and logos that you simply have to upload to a domain.

Another trick which is mine is that with the Sense Drill method you can use the blogs that I am supplying and host them all on the same domain by using sub-domains. So 1 domain and 20 niche sites!

If you have been looking for something that is different and actually very easy to do with the right training then Sense Drill is perfect. Even if you already make money online then like me you could just add this as an extra set and forget income stream!


OTO 1 of Sense Drill is extra Case Studies. (very interesting and very powerful to watch)


OTO 2 of Sense Drill is a very clever retargeting method (This will bring in a lot more traffic)


OTO 3 of Sense Drill is Reseller Rights (sell it as your own)






20 Ready To Upload Niche Blogs (20 of the top niches in ready to upload to a domain blog form, all WordPress sites with a step by step guide)


Top 11 Viral Content Sites (You’ll find 11 secret sites to get the latest trending viral content. No need to pay content writers to get you viral content. Simply get the ideas for viral content in these recommended sites and leverage the FB viral traffic to your site.)


Simple Country “Hack” – for high Ad Engagements (Watch closely how you can find top trending topics in your country or the targeted country to get hold of viral traffic and content.)


Article Rewriter Pro (Generate unique article content automatically. This software will help you generate content fast and without having to worry about the uniqueness of your articles.)


Instagram Traffic (This master guide will help you to master the instagram traffic for your site. You can then simply bring free traffic using Instagram and make more sales & adsense revenue from your site.)


LinkedIn Traffic Strategies (There is no other professional platform out there to connect with people more professionally like the way LinkedIn does. So target people using these unique strategies to bring traffic and generate leads.)


WP Notify Pro (Stop chasing traffic and discover how this new cutting edge software will instantly boost visits, clicks, conversions, and sales … regardless of your niche! Traffic is said to be the blood of your online business)


Viral Images Mega Pack (As we like to do every week, we asked the almighty Google its opinion on a particular photo subject, and it always, it gives us a definitive answer. But you don’t have any copyrights to use those images. So here we provide you a bundle of viral images you can use to target to your fanpage audience and run FB ads.)


Case Study – How to turn $7.62 into $370 (The case study on how Ivana Turned $7.62 in $370 With Google Adwords retargeting.)


Case Study $1092.98 in 2 days with affiliate marketing (This case study is will show you the exact steps I took to generate $1092.98 in commission in just 2 days with affiliate marketing.)


Authority Blog Success (Walk through the steps it takes to build a content marketing machine that positions you as the authority blog within your industry. … Online-Searches-Content-Marketing. Without a doubt, mobile optimization is key to your content marketing and overall blogging success.)


Pinterest Made Easy (What hasn’t changed is – ‘People’s love for the images’. And you can leverage the same to bring traffic to your site.)


WP Ad Slinger (WP Ad Slinger creates Facebook-style ads on any WordPress site. This provides users with an instant customized income stream while displaying ads in a format that over 1 billion internet users have growth quite accustomed to.)



Try Something New With Sense Drill PLUS Get ALL The Bonuses Above To Make The Journey To Success Even Easier – Simply CLICK HERE!





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