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SEO Dragon 2015 is another unique and brilliant product from Luther Landro. The last product of his that I promoted of his I got crazy good reviews back from the people who made the decision to buy and use it and SEO Dragon 2015 is no different. Yes, it is a completely different product but just as powerful and unique. slogan   As any website owner knows dealing with Google is a constant struggle with multiple updates and new rules to follow and if you are unlucky to get hit with a Google penalty, well your income can go from 10,000$ a month to 1,000$ just like that…


So what does SEO Dragon 2015 do exactly then. Well most website owners these days use WordPress and for good reason, WordPress is so easy to customise to your own specifications but without knowing the little errors you can be throwing away huge amounts of traffic. When I tested SEO Dragon 2015 on this site the errors that I found were very very surprising and with the help of SEO Dragon 2015 I was able to create a detailed report and use the software to fix my site and already I am seeing a traffic surge. slogan2   SEO Dragon 2015 is an SEO software with a complete video step by step training that uses Googles own index to give you SEO suggestions about upcoming Google updates, keeping you one step ahead of your competition. You can generate SEO reports for yourself or even better you can generate SEO reports using SEO Dragon 2015 for your clients or use SEO Dragon 2015 to get new clients if you run an Offline SEO business like I do. I will be using this to get more SEO clients by sending them the report to build up trust then after having made first contact it will make it much easier to get them as a repeat client.


The method I just suggested is used in by the creator of SEO Dragon 2015 and I will be giving away a full SEO Online Business in a Box to get you started if you decide to use the software for that purpose. If you are already making money in some other way then I still highly recommend this software for use on your own sites. proof clients   SEO Dragon 2015 scans your site in 30 seconds and gives you your detailed report which can be downloaded into a CSV file of all links that need to be fixed. The actual training in SEO Dragon 2015 is so easy and straightforward that any newbie could use it, it really is “Hand Holding Training”. 5 minutes after downloading SEO Dragon 2015 and by following the quick start guide you will know more about SEO than many who have studied SEO for years and you can begin generating more traffic within the hour (at the most). proof   SEO Dragon 2015 is an easy to use software with great functions and can be used for keeping your own sites free and clean and generating more traffic or you can use it in your own Business and get many happy clients.

SEO Dragon 2015 is a very effective tool that you will be glad to have at your disposal…I know that I am!


There is one OTO which is called “SEO Dragon 2015 Upgrade”. This will give you a lot more functions and range of what you can do with the software though my testing of the main SEO Dragon 2015 was very impressive!  

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