SEOBranders Review

SEOBranders Review


Ease Of Training




Value For Money



  • This really is a great SEO tool that should be selling for a Monthly fee (So get it before they change their minds)


  • There is no training on what to do when you have the software set up SO I added in the perfect Bonuses to help you Build a business!

SEOBranders Review, the swiss army knife of SEO!


In this SEOBranders review I am going to go over a few features that I think would be very useful if you are either trying to rank something or even if you are into local marketing.

As I said there are a ton of features that you can use but I am sure that they will be listed on the sales page so I don’t want to repeat the SEOBranders sales page.

SEOBranders Review

SEOBranders Review


The first thing that I liked and will get use out of is the article spinner.

I would never condone putting spun articles on your money site or any Website that you really care about BUT if you are using Web 2.0s then spun articles are perfect for them.

I actually use this exact system for ranking some of my Web 2.0s so I will be using SEOBranders for spinning my PLR articles.

SEOBranders Review

SEOBranders Review


Another very powerful feature that is time tested in the local marketing niche and you can create a minute or so with SEOBranders is a full SEO audit of a website.

Now why is this useful?

Well if you are trying to get new clients in the local niche or even any website (I get a few emails every week telling me that one or another of my websites needs work), I always laugh and ignore them.


Well they never do their research and never tell me what is wrong with my site(s).

SEOBranders Review

SEOBranders Review


My sites are always optimised perfectly but if they sent me a report pointing exactly what is wrong or needs to be fixed then I would probably reply.

So creating a full website audit using SEOBranders software and sending the PDF that SEOBranders creates with your own logo you will definitely get people’s attention.

People want to know if their site has a problem that can be fixed, rather than just getting an email saying “We can make your site a lot better!”

When I first started working online I had a very successful Arbitrage business and would use that exact method, except that I used to buy the SEO site audit reports from Fiverr at 5 Dollars a pop!

Now you can create as many of those powerful reports as you want using SEOBranders!

Those are only 2 of the things that SEOBranders software can do.

SEOBranders allows you to check how many social shares each website has which is vital these days for SEO.

You can also check a websites backlinks and spy on competitors so that you or your customer can rank higher.

SEOBranders has a keyword tool and you can also check for duplicate content.

SEOBranders Review

SEOBranders Review


If you have clients you can show them how many visitors they get each month which is very useful if they hire you and you want to show a comparison chart that you have increased their traffic.

You can check for Malware, meta tags, Gzip, image compressors and a whole lot more vital Onpage SEO.

To get set up so that you have full control inside of your SEOBranders software dashboard all you have to is create a Google API key, that takes about 10 minutes and only has to be done once.

My final SEOBranders review is that there are tools out there that have large Monthly costs that do half of what SEOBranders does!

There are only 2 OTO’s or upsells!


OTO 1 is the SEOBranders PRO version! (this just gives you a lot more features 20 more actually, up to you if you think that you need them)


OTO 2 is Agency access! (This means that you can resell this product as your own)





ALL Vendor Bonuses (A selection of software, I show them towards the end of my video review)


1 Million PLR articles (You can use them to respin and add to your Web 2.0s)


Local Internet Marketing Empire (Make good money helping small businesses in your hometown! Clever method that anyone can use to target local businesses!)


WP Local Lander (Perfect Local Biz Landing Page!)


FB Remarketing Decoded (Step by step videos simply explain how you can do FB Remarketing!)


Local Business Launchpad (How to Make Money by Offering Services to Local Businesses!)


Local Biz Traffic Blueprint (Your Guide to Helping Local Businesses Build Huge Traffic Online and Offline)


Work At Home Time Management (The biggest factor to making ANY business successful is TIME and how to use it. This will save you hours and help grow your business to even bigger heights!)


Get Motivated For Success (How to Find and Increase Your Motivation For Success in All Areas of Your Life!)


Turn FREE Viral FB Traffic And Makes $685 in 4 days, Case Study!  (Discover how to turn simple fb posts into PURE cash. The best part, done with 100% free traffic!)


WP Notify Pro (Stop chasing traffic and discover how this new cutting edge software will instantly boost visits, clicks, conversions, and sales … regardless of your niche!)


Viral Images MEGA Pack (As we like to do every week, we asked the almighty Google its opinion on a particular photo subject, and as always, it gives us a definitive answer. But you don’t have any copyrights to use those images. So here we provide you a bundle of viral images you can use to target to your fanpage audience and run FB ads.)


List of 49 Freelancing sites (Well-researched information to get your every step outsourced. You’re good at many things, but certainly doing everything is NOT a good idea. So outsource your work right away.)


Turn your Skills and Software’s into 6 Figures Recurring business (Very simple method anyone can use to turn your online skills and software’s into a 6 figure recurring business. Business models that worked in 1999, in 2005 and will keep on working!)


LinkedIn Traffic Strategies (There is no other professional platform out there to connect with people more professionally like the way LinkedIn does. So target people using these unique strategies to bring traffic and generate leads.)


WP Viral e-Mail Optin (An easy to use Plugin to help you capture emails and build  list!)


Out of Control Viral Marketing (Powerful Techniques On Viral List Building, Affiliate Marketing And Brand Name Building!)




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